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auto exhaust headers

K&N FIPK, ported 92mm throttle body, fast 92 intake manifold, Kooks 1 7/8 headers, delete cats, 3" full exhaust, cam, 150 shot nitrous, custom dyno tune. About $7500 parts and labor I'd say. OR replace the motor with an ls7 and do half ...There's an aftermarket heat shield underneath the carbs to separate the hot air from the exhaust headers from the carbs… but in my opinion, the sheetmetal should be longer to be more effective, as the carbs could still suck hot air in, ...We now have some 2006+ Civic Vibrant Exhaust and Headers available. We have a few different applications, so check out the links below for details ...They slapped on a set of long tube headers and a cat back exhaust for added power from the 4.0-liter V6, while ICON tossed on its own coilover suspension, Total Chaos upper control arms and 2.5-inch shocks for some added off-road ...I've been looking for relatively simple things to do to my car to increase speed etc, I cant really afford exhaust, headers, etc at this time. I know. ... Old Today, 09:04 PM. TSX_WS. Donating member. Join Date: Feb 2009. Location: Sacramento, CA. My Ride: 05, Auto. Posts: 2033. TSX_WS is either reputation whoring, or truly reaching the elite club. iTrader: (2). geader, cat, and intake are what reflash is made for. get the together and u will FLY. TSX_WS is online now ...Sorry for bringing this topic up, but anyone have suggestion on Exhaust systems that are not TOO loud and give the E60 a bit more character w/out. ... 2006 Sepang Bronze/Naturelle Brown E60 M5 Eisenmann Sport Mufflers Miesterchaft Sections 1 & 2. Evosport Headers Evosport Pulley RPi RAM Scoops AFe Cold Air Intakes CA Auto Software Eibach ProKit Springs 20" Breyton Race CS with Yokos White Angel Eyes, 6000K HID's & LED Plate Lamps ACS Roof Spoiler ...... application and a second at the 1”mark for extra coverage and more resistance under performance applications (auto X, drag racing, etc.) this line is called the Draco Performance Wrap. Use this on headers, exhaust and charge pipes! ...Also available at great Auto Parts Discount deals are exhaust system parts for Honda. Combustion cycle doesn't stop at the compression stage wherein the air and fuel mixture is prepared for ignition. After the spark plug has fired and ignited the mixture, ... So for a more efficient exhaustion, you can replace your Honda exhaust manifold with a high-flow exhaust manifold or header. Also, you can shift to a more efficient high-flow designed Honda Catalytic Converter ...I know you can get headers and what not ceramic painted, but if I wanted to paint my magnaflow exhaust (post cat) what sort of paint should I use? Anyone know of a user applied finish with ceramic barrier that can take exhaust heat? .... provides the latest car reviews, auto show coverage, new car prices, and automotive news. The AutoGuide network operates more than 100 automotive forums where our users consult peers for shopping information and advice, ...... #header-inner { background-position: center; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; } #header { margin: 5px; border: 1px solid #800080; text-align: center; color:#b3b3b3; } #header h1 { margin:5px 5px 0; padding:15px 20px .25em; ...
now im gonna be more specific i have $1000 right now.
i was thinking gears, TLOK, tuner, and CAI, but i heard that just the installation for the gears its around $850(its that true?).
can yall tell me what mods should i get with that $$.
i already have true duals exhaust.
this is a list that i have in my mind..
long tube header ((will LT headers add any power?))
4.10 gears.
thanks guys...

I own a 1996 BMW 328i. It's auto with 85,500 original miles. Stock except for the wheels, tinted windows, and head unit. Someone is interested in trading me a 1998 Firebird formula 6 speed ls1 with 138k miles but 40k on a rebuilt motor. It has some mods which are Ram air, Ls6 cam, long tube headers, true dual rumbler exhaust system, spec stage 4 clutch, spec aluminum flywheel, 4:11 rear end, and 5.0 short shifter. I've always wanted a t/a and this seems to be a good deal to me. I've had the bmw for 2 months and i love it but the firebird is my favorite car and Ive always wanted one. The guy is looking for a 4 door car because he has kids now and needs more of a family car. My biggest issue is the fact that it's just about winter now here in new england but i don't think either car will be good in the winter weather. I'm just looking for some input and advice on whether or not I should pursue the trade or just say no.

ok! i got a 93 civic yup no power at all!! so what can be done to increase the power?? if i put headers, exhaust, and a intake( like k&n) how much will the power increase? Im not plannin do a engine swap or put a turbo in it so exclude that lol.

what should i do next to increase in speed and quarter mile
i have a v6 camaro auto 3.8 2001
i have
CAI,spark plug wires. headers flowmaster exhaust. throttle body spacer. getn high flow cat,also i have 180 thermstat

what should i do next ?
cam it witch i was lookin at gt2 cam
or dif roller rockers witch i have no idea about so any ideas or links or witch ones i should get let me no plz
dif gears 3.73
nitrous 75 wet shot
OR ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS LET ME KNOW PLZ also not lookin to drop a v8 n it

wut else can i do to increase also i dont wanna turbo it or supercharge it yet

also more info im 60 ft 2.2 and 1/8 9.8 and 1/4 15.6

i have a 2004 auto 3.9l v6 with super six motorsports stage 2 heads/cam/intakes with tb, cold air intake. i already have flowmaster cat back. would keeping the stock mid pipe and headers effect horsepower? if so how much hp would be be missing by keeping that stock?


Started up the 350z today and noticed it was sluggish to turn but it turned over. Drove down to best buy and when I came out I started it up again and noticed it was still sluggish turning over. So I turned it off(mistake) and went for a restart and it didnt have enough to turn. So I was dead in the water. Called road side assistance, they came and jumped me, went to Auto zone unplugged my Battery to have it recharged, came back and they were tellin me it wont recharge and need a new one, got a Duralast, hooked it in then asked to check the alternater, told me that that the pattern on it was done, needed a new one(really not happy now).

Ride has just under 51k miles on it, in the last year I've had a 5/16th plenum spacer, headers, hi flow cats, exhaust, uprev reflash, HID's, upgraded speakers on the inside(higher wattage Orions), and pulley upgrades( to include the alternater pulley).

With these upgrades, will this give me problems in the future with alternaters dying early as I've read the issue with FI 350z's???. And if so, what is a nessesary upgrade for battery/alternater life???

my girlfriend bought a 5.0 1988 mustang its a stick i tried teaching her how to drive stick but shes just too lazy she just sold her car due to our bills so we just bought a cheaper car and she barely even knows how to drive it ive broke both my legs and currently disabled so i figure ill just have a automatic tranny installed for her since she starts her new job next week..

i know this is powerful but i dont know about mods that much how much hp do you think this car is giving us?

rear end 3:55 gears
t5 tranny with king cobra clutch
b&m short shifter
underdrive pullys
bbk shorty headers
bbk cold air
edelbrock performance intake manifold
F303 cam
throttle body (not sure what size but bigger then stock thats forsure)
fuel injectors 24 lbs
roller rockers
magnaflow catback exhaust
msd ignition
nitrous kit

dont know anymore info except for all this this car came from a parent of the kid that used this car and he did all the mods and is currently locked up.

main question is how will the automatic tranny perform with the 3:55 gears?
and will i have to buy a driveshaft and auto pedals for it too? what else would i need?

this needs to be done soon please let me know thanks!

My friend wants to race me this weekend at the 1/8 mile strip that we have locally. I have a 2007 Mustang V6 Coupe and he has a 1994 Camaro z28 convertible.

2007 Mustang V6 Coupe
-23,000 miles on car
-JLT Cold Air Intake
-Diablosport Predator Bama 93 Race Tune
-7.5" T-Lok
-4.10 Gears
-Auto Transmission
-Pypes Shorty Headers
-Custom H Pipe w/ cats
-Flowmaster Cat-Backs
-Steeda Ultralite Springs
-Screamin Demon Coil Pack
-JBA 9mm Power Cables
-Pirelli Pzero Nero 255/45/17 in rear

1994 Camaro Z28 5.7
-Flowmaster Cat-Back Exhaust
-184,000 miles on the engine and tranny
-Auto transmission
-Stock Tires (idk brand) 225/50/17

Who do you think would win this race?
I know i don't have much of a chance, but his car doesnt seem that fast because it is mostly stock. I know i can get him in a straight drag from one end of the school parking lot to the other though.

I have a 2009 nissan altima 2.5 6 speed coupe with cold air intake,headers and exhaust
would it be faster than my friends 2002 Nissan altima 3.5 auto?

zero to sixty for my car STOCK is 7.4 sec. I'm guessing the mods would shave about 0.3 to 0.6 seconds off of that figure.

zero to sixty test for a 2002 3.5 was 7.2 seconds but that was a brand new car with 5 speed,since the car is 7 years old and automatic I'm guessing it would probably be around 8 sec. flat.


ok here is the deal i have a 2004 f150 fx4. i installed a set of pasesetter mid headers(had to remove the resonator on the exhaust for them to work). 4.10 gears front and back. air raid intake and maganflow exhaust. truck use to have a nice take off but now has no balls (sorry) the dash light came on so took it to auto zone they said all 4 o2 sensors are out. i know i need to have to have the truck tuned. what should i do. if i hit the gas the truck takes for ever to take off. the truck boggs from a dead stop. my question is it the lack of resonator that is doing it or what?

I'm trying to turn my Eclipse into a tuner, so far, I have Oz light-weight racing rims, and a performance exhaust system. The car came with this. Plus neon lights underneath (haha). Right now my main goal is new spark plugs, cold air intake, and new headers in the future. I need to know what is ESSENTIAL to help my car in the beginning. Just list your ideas. Another question i have is Option Racing cold air intakes any good? Are Spyder Auto intakes any good? Just list brands and other things in which you think is key to helping my car become a tuner. Thanks!

(Please know something about cars, and have experience, not just playing Need for Speed, or watching Fast and Furious) =)
Its a 99 eclipse GS. The problem is, idk if i'm going to be able to get a turbo, not because of financial reasons but because of my parents. They wouldnt want me to have a turbo until i'm older probably.

Guys, I would appreciate if anyone could help me. I bought a '73 Nova in MINT condition. It has a built 350 with clay smith cams, hedman headers, 4 barrel Holley carb, (unknown aftermarket) heads, flowmaster exhaust, line locks, variable height shocks for burnout or traction. 4 speed auto, unknown gearing. This car came from Florida and was set up for drag racing...! It is literally slower than sh!t, what the hell could be the problem????

Ok so I have done plenty of research and I know that the auto tranny may have some complications. However, I have seen that many people have done it succesfully and i say to myself, "why can't i?" I can't have another car because i am too young for a loan and have nobody to co-sign.

Now that I have explained my reasoning my questions are.

I was going to get an intake, reflash, manifold, and header. Will these parts come with a turbo?

Kpro seems to tough to modify for the base rsx, what engine managment can/should i use?

What should i do to help the auto tranny work better?

Currently I have a greddy SP2. Will i need to change the exhaust?

What is the best turbo kit for the base auto?

What numbers are realistic? (HP and TQ)

Any other info you have i will be glad to read as i am still learning.

Plz no "you should have gotten a type s" comments. I appreciate any and all help. Thank you.

I just want better acceleration. i hate that its autobut im stuck with it so what else can i do? im not doing motor swap as again its auto and to swap to manual wouldnt even be worth the money and time. so if i put header and exhaust catback on it, since i already got and aftermarket intake, will it at least feel a little more peppy when accelerating? is a 1999 civic ex coupe. thanks,

My friend has a 3rd gen mustang with a 302, edelbrock dual plane manifold, edelbrock 650cfm carb, headers and a 5 speed manual (t5?). I have a 1991 camaro RS with flowtech headers, y-pipe, no catalytic converter, flowtech cat-back (all 2.5" exhaust), freshly rebuilt 700r4 auto with a b&m stage 2 shift kit, 305TBI, and 3:42 gears. Which would win a race, say starting at 40mph and a race staring from a stop? Not sure what gears the mustang has, but i know it came with a 5.0 (302).

It has 32 inch Mud Dawg tires and a 3" leveling kit. Also has full exhaust header back.
I've taken it through some pretty decent size holes and it just walks out of them.
I want to know if someone with experience with this type of truck; knows what it is capable of.
4.7 V8 auto. SR5

I'm planning on doing my own custom dual exhaust but I cannot think of any good ideas on how to get the pipe connected to the manifold... I saw 'Header Extenders' or 'Reducers' at my local auto-zone but I do not know for sure if they will work . any ideas? thanks
Sorry forget to add that this is for a 1994 Silverado... I don't know if that helps any

okay so i have a stock exhaust with dc ceramic 4 2 1 headers and want to know if the DC sports exhaust really gives between 8-9 hp i saw this on and wanted to know if the gains are true

Im 16 nearly getting my full license..I work at a tuner shop but from what i knpw stick shift is the best to go with.. The accord is auto and i was wondering how fast can i make it? I wanna race in the track and the offer is really good for the accord! I was planning on adding AEM cold air.. headers.. exhaust.. shocks.. but my buddies at work say that the best way is to "squeeze" Nitrous oxide but idk.. I need serious helpp please!!!


I have a 455ci in my car,now my question is,is the cam to hot? It has duel exhaust Hooker headers,Eldebrock intake performer,roller rockers, and a 850cfm double pump Holly.When i really cut loose on it she hesitates,then takes off like a rocket.It has a 355 slip diff rear and a Morg Warnner 4 speed.I took the 400th auto out and did this in my barn.Is the fucin carb to big?

how can I increase torque for my Automatic Transmission.
I have already installed:
-test pipe,
-light weight underdrive pulley,
-cold air intake

What type of internal mods can I do to add torque besides the one I already have obviously?
oh and, does anyone know how to do something to the o2 sensor so the engine light won't come on? i have a test pipe.

Standard coupe

289 v8 most original parts c4 auto trans

good condition

98k miles

New paint tires brakes headers, exhaust and about 100 new parts

Looks good


PS. is there also any ways to help price my car... i.e. website people around Denver CO or anywhere by phone?

I am 18 and i need help selling this car! any advice i get would be extremely helpful and appreciated

Thank you

1995 Sunfire
2.2 auto
149,xxx miles
My car just blew the head gasket, and was running great even after that happened. So I fixed the head gasket, and another problem became evident: when I try to start the car, gas literally floods the engine and goes out the exhaust. After first noticing the gas leak, I unbolted the exhaust except for the header. Then I cranked it with the fuel pump relay removed, and it poured out the header steadily. However, when I put the fuel pump relay back in place and crank it, gas gushes out of the header. I am certain this is gasoline and not water. It ignites. After that, I removed the gas inlet line to the intake, and even with fuel pump disconnected, gas will steadily pour out of the line when I crank the motor. There is obviously no residual pressure, as I even opened the gas cap to relieve any vacuum. New parts include plugs, o2 sensor, fuel pressure regulator, injector o-rings, etc. I have cleaned most electrical contacts and have a new battery if that could matter. Would anybody know what might cause gas to pour out the exhaust? Please help, I need this car immediately for school and work, and am running out of time and money.

Thanks a lot,

By the way, car does not run for those who can't tell.

okay I got an aem sri for a year and no cel. Then a month ago went and got vibrant race header /delete cat and cel came on even with angle defouler the shop that installed, they said that it might be my stock exhaust causing back pressure. so i decide to get an exhaust system apexi ws2, installed it reset ecu and still have a cel. so I went to auto zone and read what the code was popping out was P0135 and P0141 did anyone ever get this fix and how to? I know that the error codes are a heater malfunction from 1st and 2nd sensor, could it have any thing to do with the header and if it did shouldn't a code come on for the catalytic

okay I got an aem sri for a year and no cel. Then a month ago went and got vibrant race header /delete cat and cel came on even with angle defouler the shop that installed, they said that it might be my stock exhaust causing back pressure. so i decide to get an exhaust system apexi ws2, installed it reset ecu and still have a cel. so I went to auto zone and read what the code was popping out was P0135 and P0141 did anyone ever get this fix and how to? I know that the error codes are a heater malfunction from 1st and 2nd sensor, could it have any thing to do with the header and if it did shouldn't a code come on for the catalytic

I went to auto zone to get my "service engine soon" light checked out, and the "number to cross" is P0421, which is catalyst efficiency low bank 1. Its says it could be that the converter is defective, engine misfire/running condition, large vacuum leak, and engine oil leaking inyo exhaust valve guide seals/piston rings. I had a header installed to replace the exhaust manifold, and it makes a splatty noise when i try going a little fast when i run my car. any thoughts or answers will be appreciated. thanks

i am currently looking at cars to buy and need opinions on these.. which would be worth it.

92 3000gt, auto, 122k on body, roughly 80k on motor, clear texas title
motor has been bolted in but not wired up. Engine ran fine before but is not running atm so will have to be towed. Paint is in decent condition but would need a new paintjob to look pristine again.---$1200

98 bmw 318ti, white, 4 cylinder, 2 door, tinted windows, 102,000 miles, great interior/exterior, 17" black custom rims, has non-working sunroof, car has been sitting at the house since december because it has an electrical problem, and doesn't start. will sell for 1,900 with rims or 1,500 without rims

its a 1986 rx7 gxl, its stock, has competion headers wit x pipe dual exhausht. needs driveshaft-- $900

1966 FORD MUSTANG COUPE shell....comes with long block 302, rebuilt auto 3 three speed with converter...8.0 rear end third member...five lug...85% complete original interior...seats,door panels, etc.....uni body in good shape....small hole in trunk and small hole in doors outer skin..Don't have time or space for this project,must go-- $1000

98 honda civic ex coupe, clean coupe silver color clean interior, cf hood painted flat black,17"konig almost new kuhmo tires,airmass exhaust,aem intake,dc headers,mugen style fron lip,does not start just installed brand new starter,plug wires, still doesnt turn over.116xxx mi,no stereo but all speakers there, altezza tails,front/rear upper strut bars.bads-minor damage drvr side.rear qtr panel,dr.side pw falls off track occasionally easy fix, askin 1700 need to be towed or pulled.

i have an black 87 pontiac fiero gt automatic for sale. runs but needs work. need to get rid of ASAP! willin to trade for small truck if possible.-- $1800


please help me!!

1998 auto LS
last tune up 15k ago, new wires, new plugs
last oil change just 300 miles ago mobil 1

Hello guys, I need a answer within 8 hours, im at work now and need to drive home 40 miles....

I was comming off a ramp going 40 or so, slowed to 25 then accelerated and the car began to stutter and make sounds like boom boom boom... low sound though
then the CEL flashed, now the cel has been on due to a front 02 sensor... but now it flashed.

First thought was its the tranny ..!! crap

But anyway i was close to a gas staion, he said he had no time to look at it but it was a MISFIRE....

so then i drove the car to work (1 mile from station) half way there i got to above 40 and the car worked like new... issue was gone.... turned car off, started it... worked fine and CEL was NOT FLASHING...

any ideas? and how soon should i fix this issue??

thanks guys!

That is having all these bolt on mods installed on the stock motor of my auto ex civic with 90,000 miles on it be too much stress on the motor? Will it have to be like dyno tuned if i want to do all of this?

Or will it be ok on the motor?

Also, can I have all these installed without having a new catback exhaust put on it and just stick with the stock exhaust?

Please only answer if you have experience with all of these mods thanks

That is having all these bolt on mods installed on the stock motor of my auto ex civic with 90,000 miles on it be too much stress on the motor? Will it have to be like dyno tuned if i want to do all of this?

Or will it be ok on the motor?

Also, can I have all these installed without having a new catback exhaust put on it and just stick with the stock exhaust?

Please only answer if you have experience with all of these mods thanks

I've been having this problem for a long time now, and it's just getting worse.

I have a 1991 Nissan 300ZX non-turbo auto. Got about 105K on it. Engine modifications as follows: K&N intake (not just filter,) Stillen high-flow headers, Stillen cat-back X-pipe exhaust, and a grounding kit.

Otherwise good shape, it hesitates, and I can't seem to reproduce from any specific conditions. Happens every time it's driven.

When I accelerate, it gets to about 2000 RPM, it starts to bog down. Like it will be a healthy acceleration until that point, then it will drop RPM a couple hundred, gain a few hundred more, start to drop again, gain some, back and forth until around 3000RPM then it accelerates hard. All with the throttle pressed down an even amount the whole time. I've even noticed it backfiring when I let off the throttle quickly.

This is driving me nuts and makes it unpleasant to drive.

Any help is very much appreciated, and I don't have much money for trial-and-error.

I have a 4 barrel carburetor, I have headers, dual exhaust, auto transmission out of a Berlinetta. Also have an electric fuel pump. I'm putting engine, rear end and transmission in a 1964 Chevy P/U out of the 1984 Berlinetta. What else can I do to make this high performance?

I have a 07 tiburon 4 cyl full exhaust headers no cat intake and a t3 tubo system its a auto tranny with slap shift help me out i shouldda bought the stick..........

We just bought a 2007 V6 Mustang with an auto tranny in it. My boyfriend is just starting to get into cars and doesn't know much about the mechanics of them yet.
So far all he's gotten done is the Ford Racing Power Upgrade Package which is basically just an intake and cat-back dual exhaust system.
We are going to add headers next month, and next year when he's got the money a supercharger (possibly).
Now, for all of you Mustang/car enthusiasts...he is looking for some simple things and even some not so simple things that he can do to increase horses. So anyone that has any ideas or suggestions let me know. :)
...Also please be mature enough to offer helpful suggestions and answer the questions I have asked. I do not want to read comments to get a v8...if we wanted a v8 we would have gotten one. So please keep your comments to yourself if your not going to suggest something useful. :)
Well I live in Canada the only ones who get laughed at where we're from is the Honda's. Despite our V6 we've gotten TONS of compliments on it already and we've only had it a month. There's a guy that has a 2007 Saleen and welcomed us to the "family" . Like I said around here the only ones who get laughed at are rice burners.
We can make our V6 have more horses for the same price as a GT. A stock GT has what 290-300 hp, a stock V6 has 210...a supercharger will give a V6 about 120 hp so that would make a V6 least 30 more hp than a we don't get nailed by insurance for having a V8.
We're more interested in taking a V6 and making it something that no one else has around here so that people have to ask what we did to it.
Anyways, for anyone that has any good information that will answer what I initally asked that would be great.
I love my Rustang :P

91 305 V8 auto. B&M shift kit, Holley 4 barrel carb, edelbrock alluminum intake, hedman headers, 3'' new exhaust into a flowmaster 80 series performance muffler, New 3:73 gears with posi

83 has LT1 350 Corvette Engine, automatic transmission, Edlebrock valve covers, intake, and carborator

85 350 c.i. bored 40 over, edlebrock intake, vortec heads, headman headers with flowmaster exhaust

And any guesses at possible 1/4 mile times?

I've got a very nice fully stock 351 Cleveland with 2 Bbl and single exhaust. It is a convertible, not a Mach 1 or clone, but it is doggone boring 'as is' even though she runs very well. I guess I should mention the engine is bolted to a C-6 auto tranny at this point. I'm thinking about cloning it into a 351 4 Bbl (Edlebrock Alum 4 Bbl heads, Nice Edlebrock or Holley Carb, Mallory or other electronics, headers, duals, etc.) as well as acquire the working Mach One hood and breather assemblies, etc., then repaint the entire car into a Mach 1 style paint theme. It's currently a matching numbers and low mileage convertible in great shape (worth ~$15K), but like I said kinda boring. The retrofit will cost some bucks but will sure make it more of a head turner and get more second gear rubber out of her than in stock. I would appreciate hearing the pros and cons from someone that has been there / done that. I just want a 'little' street muscle, not anything for the strip. Thanks.


98 Cavalier stock 2.2L (3 speed automatic): 115 hp

cold air intake: 8-12 hp

4-2-1 header system (high air flow): 10-15 hp

iradium spark plugs n hot wires 5-10 hp

TOTAL HP: 138-152 hp

tri-phase: NEXT LEVEL performance chip: 12-17 hp

catback exhaust 10-15 hp

TOTAL HP: 160-184 hp

ERAM (electric turbo)7-14 hp

TOTAL STAGE 3: 167-198 hp
(I know this 3 speed auto Cavy is not a preferred car to mod, but i'me stuck with it until I get better credit for a SR20 Sentra SE (6speed manual).)

My question is, are the sellers of these parts correct in their HP gain claims, and are their any other easy mods I can get for my Cavalier...??? Is there anything I can remove that would make a large weight reduction? THANKS..!!!

Want a 383 sb chevy,headers,exhaust, 120-150 shot of nos and bunch of other power goodies,like to try and use the stock trany, its a 200.4r but rebuild with a shift kit and things....just i dont know the suspension need and its a car i would drive back and forth from auto tech school to home and hit the track on the with my suspension and tire needs...i have not bought anything cept for a 3" cowl hood and i have strip out the interior cept for the two orginal front seats

I have a 02 neon, and the only mods I've done so far is a cold air intake and catback exhaust. I want to replace the headers for a power boost. I know just changing the headers will not give more than a 7 - 10 horsepower boost at most. I heard that i could just go to a used auto parts place and get the headers from a R/T and that would give a boost. Has anyone heard of this, or know if this actually works, or would i still be better off buying a brand new aftermarket header?.... Thanks

I'm not looking for just a performance noise factor but real noticeable horsepower gains that is good for towing and also some fun. My truck now has 3:92 gears, auto. Are chips really good? How much h.p. do they really add? A full blown exhaust system-headers and duals, Is this real h.p. or noise factor? How about t.b. spacers are they good?My experience with cold air intake is noise factor not h.p. I would appreciate some feed back from someone who has tried different items and had a positive experience. Thank you...

Here is the scoop. I took my car to an auto shop to have my header leaks fixed. When i picked my car up, $400 later, the guy tells me that the left side is quite but now I have a small leak on the right. Helloo......dual exhaust...header leak....I figured both would have been fixed. Apparently you have to be specific...

I have a 2004 pontiac gto w/ 4 auto, and was looking for some advice on some bolt-on hp. my goal is a resonable 450 rwhp / 450 rwtq.

should go supercharge, or na?

also, what brands would you recommend for long tube headers and exhaust systems, cause i know not all are created equal.

do i have to upgrade the driveline to handle the power? (t56 conversion)

i also want airbags, scissor doors, and that "banshee" hood.

any brand suggestions would be appreciated...

I have a auto integra, with 2.25" pipe. header, high flow cat and magnaflow muff. I need low end torque, the car felt better when i had stock 1.8" pipe on it. Now the car feels it has to work really hard to push from a stop, should i change back to 2" pipe, or is something else wrong.
I already have a short ram intake, and engine has been replaced with a 99 B20B, with P8R head, high compresion engine. New plugs, wires and distributor, will replace the fuel filter on Monday.

I had trouble towing my new 1900 pound trailer from BC with my 00 XJ 4.0L Auto. Downshifted often on the flats trying to hold 60 mph. I only have 50,000 mi on my engine, run 91 - 92 octane, Jet Performance chip, which gets me 0-60 in 1.1 seconds less at 3500' elevation, than without. Have cold air via Safari snorkel, 2.5" exhaust, my exhaust manifold is the newer type and I've heard it's as good as a header, still have a cat but have heard that maintains torque, 62 mm TB w/spacer. Running 35" Creepy Crawlers, heavy bumpers, D 44s, 4.88s, RE Long arm 5.5". Thought of trying to run smaller tires for towing but would still have to carry an extra 500 pounds of tires & wheels for wheeling, and gearing would be off.
Got to do something. I'm a bit secluded in a small town and don't need a set of problems with the complicated set up of a supercharger and finding a local enough shop to count on dialing in the problems or returning far for troubles. Stroker sounds good. Need torque.

motorcycle exhausts

My official HD parts book lists the rocker arms to have numbers 17360-66a for the rear exhaust and front intake and number 17375-66a for the front exhaust and rear intake. These numbers are not the same as the ones I have. ...Not being one to leave well enough alone, or at least not to let a good running stock bike alone, I started looking for a new exhaust system. My.Slip On Motorcycle Exhaust | Cheap Slip On Motorcycle Exhaust | Slip On Motorcycle Exhaust for Sale.Anyone have any experience with the heat wrap tape on exposed classic motorcycle exhausts? What does it do (besides look tough) and how long does it.Ironhead Carbon Build-up in exhaust Ironhead Sportster Motorcycle Talk (1957-1985) ... Ironhead Sportster Motorcycle Talk (1957-1985) For all those that wanna talk about Ironhead Sportster Motorcycles ...Fiddlin' with the Sporty today I noticed something... The flange that holds the rear exhaust pipe/coupling at the rear head is loose. Really loose. ... Motorcycle Games. » Motorcycle Insurance. » Motorcycle Jackets. » Motorcycle Helmets ...Engine / Airbox / Exhaust / Fuel Delivery Discuss Jardine Full Exhaust for CBR1000 in the Motorcycle Discussion forums; Anybody has any feedback about it??? I'm considering getting it since I found a good deal and like the looks of the ...An automobile is incomplete without an exhaust system. In motorcycles, the exhaust systems are normally visible and therefore they are designed like accessories that can add spice to your ride. The aftermarket motorcycle exhausts are ...I have a stock exhaust with less then 200 miles on it for sale. Its off a 2007 Monster S4R S. I also have the ECU and stock air box... all hardware. ... Allstate. BikeBandit. Classifieds! ...The right ones, Motorcycle, can make your machine look and feel like a million dollar,, Motorcycle, Motorcycle, baby or make it a design nightmare.The motorcycle exhaust pipe has a very definite role to play in the dynamics of a bike. ...
This would be an aftermarket system. Apparently no manufacturer is making a free flowing system for this model anymore. Hope I am wrong tho! Must have because ex boyfriend installed a K@N stage 3 carb kit which requires said exhaust. I wish to have this bike in good running condidtion before I sell it! Help and Thanks,Amanda

My bike is practically new,its got 3979 kilometers(about 2500 miles) it has not been run hard nor in heavy traffic, but when i gas it up hard at around 5000rpm it feels like the clutch is slipping, its hard to believe because its a new bike, it feels as if it releases an angry burst of power around 5k-7k rpm. Does my bike have a power adder such as a valve retarder like a v-tech in hondas or something that is making me believe the clutch is slipping? i use motul full synthetic double esther factory line motorcycle oil, its the best of the best oil i can get. mods are: k&n air filter, indigo slip on exhausts. i need as much answers as possible, in advance...thanks.

I have an 06 American Ironhorse Slammer. I can bend the pipes and build brackets, I can get them chromed. My question is what is the biggest circumference pipe you can use and what all do you need to attach them to the motor? Is it as easy as buying exhaust flanges and acorn nuts, or is there more to it? Thanks.

I'm just asking this cause i wanne know if they still would cover me, not that they ll be like you replaced your exhaust and we cant cover any damages that you did in an accident.

it's a VERY long story, and i'll be honest, i rarely get good answers here, mostly due to the fact that people have no idea what i've done to this bike over the last few months and haven't kept up with the progress.

I belong to a few forums, but there's no one available to answer my questions, so i'm trying here anyway. maybe i'll get lucky.

i have a 69 suzuki T125 which is a 2 stroke 2 cylinder STREET bike.

it's a work in progress. it was sitting for 36 years before last august when i started rebuilding it. it's obviously not complete, but CLOSE.... real close..

I've never taken it much further than for test rides when i tweak things.

yesterday afternoon, it fired right up, i rode it for about 2 miles and it worked pretty much flawlessly with the exception of some backfires here and there when i slowed to a stop down shifting.

later that night i went to fire it up. i didn't change ANYTHING between that time.

it DOES NOT have an electric starter BTW. kick start only.

i went to start kicking it and it wanted to fire but wouldn't, and it kept backfiring, going into epileptic seizures and dying.

after my leg got tired, i push started it and it wouldn't fire until i started hauling ass with it then it fired up and i slammed the throttle back and it went into worse epileptic seizures and wouldn't stay running, or would act like it was running out of gas and would die. it's got a full tank and the petcock DOES work properly.

Here's what it comes down to... i eventually figured out that there is spark getting to the plugs during intake AND exhaust cycles.

it's like this

cyl1. Big Spark Little spark Big Spark
cyl2. Little spark Big Spark Little spark

condensers right?

i replaced those half an hour ago with brand new NOS condensers i bought a while back...

same problem.

i am seriously at a loss, and i really have no idea why this is happening.

it hasn't always done this, and apparently it started doing this just yesterday evening after i rode it around for a bit. and it ran fine until i physically turned it off yesterday..

the entire wiring harness is NEW and i've gone over it with a fine toothed comb at least a dozen times. it's all there and in order, no grounded wires that shouldn't be, no corrosion, NOTHING...

What the crap is going on here??

Granted, i took this bike PURPOSELY looking for a project, but, i'd much rather be out riding it today than working on it..


so, i've been able to PUSH start it, and as long as i get it going fast enough it will allow me to use the throttle and keep it running,


it only runs if it stays above 1800 to 2000 rpm...

idle is supposed to be 1200.

it dies promptly at 1600 and there's no way to recover from it aside from push starting it again.

i put new condensers on and it seems to provide more spark to the plugs now than it did, and given the fact that it actually starts, it doesn't seem like the "little spark" is affecting it..

but why the hell can't i get it to idle now and can't start it unless i get the rpms high enough ???

it's not the carbs.... it's not the fuel air mix, it'x not the petcock it's not the idle, it's not the alternator..


The inventor of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle, Arthur Davidson , died and went to heaven.....

At the gates, St. Peter told Arthur. 'Since you've been such a good man and your motorcycles have changed the world, your reward is, you can hang out with anyone you want to in heaven.'

Arthur thought about it for a minute and then said,

'I want to hang out with God.'

St. Peter took Arthur to the Throne Room, and introduced him to God.

God recognized Arthur and commented, 'Okay, so you were the one who invented the Harley-Davidson motorcycle? '

Arthur said, 'Yes, that's me...'

God commented: 'Well, what's the big deal in inventing something that's pretty unstable, makes noise and pollution and can't run without a road?'

Arthur was a bit embarrassed, but finally spoke, 'Excuse me, but aren't you the inventor of woman?'

God said, 'Ah, yes.'

'Well,' said Arthur, professional to professional, you have some major design flaws in your invention!

1. There's too much inconsistency in the front-end suspension

2. It chatters constantly at high speeds

3. Most rear ends are too soft and wobble about too much.

4. The intake is placed way too close to the exhaust .

5. The maintenance costs are outrageous!!!

'Hmmmmm, you may have some good points there,' replied God, 'hold on.'

God went to his Celestial supercomputer, typed in a few words and waited for the results.

The computer printed out a slip of paper and God read it.

'Well, it may be true that my invention is flawed,' God said to Arthur, 'but according to these numbers, more men are riding my invention than yours'.

right now i have a 2001 buell blast. although it is fun, its too slow. its feels like everywhere i go i have to pin the throttle. plus after 60 mph there is no power. i love to ride around with my gf but with both of us on the bike it has no balls. im looking to get a faster bike in the spring but idk what to get. i like the sound, underside exhaust and low seat on the buells but they arent that reliable. so im looking toward the jap bikes. what is a good bike that is low maintenance, doesnt chew through tires (cheap to maintain), and has a stubby exhaust or underside exhaust? thanks!!

English 2
Judging People
However, every action has a reason behind it. Every person has a story. Appearances and actions of a person may not be their choice and there may be a story behind it. As humans we constantly judge others. This is a problem that many people have, obviously myself included. It’s a habit to just make assumptions about a person by their actions or appearance.
When I was little, my family went into an upscale sushi bar, where most people were dressed in elegant clothing. I loved the swishing skirts of the ladies dancing to the background music. All of a sudden the roar of motorcycles, followed by the smell of exhaust, ruined the perfect restaurant scene. Ten huge motorcyclists walked through the door and sat down at a table near us. They wore mostly leather and their arms were covered in dark colored tattoos. While most of the people moved their seats away from them, I happily toddled over, puzzling over their shiny metal chains. It turned out they were actually pretty friendly and we shouldn’t judge or stereotype people without really knowing them.
I believe most people judge from what they see. But it's more like a first impression. You have your base thoughts on this person or book, yet you're not totally closed off to finding out more and changing your opinion.
Many people feel that you can tell a lot about a person by observing what they wear and how they look. This is not the case. Choice of clothing and body features might not show who a person really is. Judging people based on these factors is extremely shallow. What we look like might not show our real character, behavior, or even intelligence. One simply cannot know a person by looking at them.
Instead of looking at clothing, character should be the basis for opinion. When we see someone who wears fancy clothing we think “wow what a snob” versus when you see someone who looks poor we assume they must be poor or a bum. Judging a book by the cover isn’t always accurate, just as judging a person by their choice in clothes can lead to surprises as well. Just because someone may not dress as nicely, they’re not necessarily a bad person or even poor. They may dress a certain way just to get attention. This is often the case. One’s appearance can lead to many false judgments.
There are of course times when we don’t judge others. Like how our school was able to look beyond Melanie’s disability and elect her homecoming queen. It’s really amazing when people can look beyond one’s image, and judge based on attitude and kindness.
When we chose not to judge we become more caring and better people. If we can teach ourselves not to judge we can become better as human beings and rise above all the prejudice in today’s society.

Match 1
#1 contender for the X-division title
Beerad vs Jesh

A very excellent match up. Both men had something to prove, they wore each other down the whole match. After 13 minutes of back and forth action the two wrestlers seemed even. Jesh hits a dropkick and decides to go top rope! Beerad was playing possum! he jumps up and gets Jesh ready for a superplex on the top rope. But then, out of nowhere, both receive a chair shot to the back knocking them down to the outside of the ring from the top of the turnbuckle! RNW is seen in the ring with a steel chair and a disgruntled look on his face.
Winner: No contest

Match 2
Knockouts tag team match
Winner to face Impact's Aries and DX_Lover to crown the new Knockouts tag team champion
Emily and Sandy vs CKO (Clarice and Ms. Lol)

A great match all four ladies desperately wanted to prove who is better. With a lot of back and forth action, CKO, seemed to be controlling the pace at this time. With Sandy and Ms. Lol battling it out in the ring, in an act of desperation, from the apron, Emily slaps Ms. Lol in the back of the head. An irate Ms. Lol turns around and hits Emily with a smack of her own. Ms. Lol then turns around and sees Sandy rushing at her for a spear. Ms. Lol dives out of the way and Sandy ends up spearing her own partner off of the apron! Ms. Lol quickly takes advantage of the situation and rolls her up for the 1...2...3
Winners: CKO (Clarice and Ms. Lol)

Match 3
Silent Bob vs Shayan

Bob impressively dominates the match up. He manhandles Shayan the entire match and eventually hits a huge DDT and decides to end it. One..Two..Three!
winner: Silent Bob

After the match, he pulls out a pair of brass knuckles and hits him with the Silent Treatment to finish him off.

Match 4
Women's championship rematch
Edgehead (c) vs JamieRKO

A very back and forth match up. At one point Jamie almost hits the RKO on Edgehead! Edgehead goes for a spear but Jamie dodges it. Jamie starts to get furious and starts to slap Edgehead repeatedly. Something goes off in Edgehead, she gets a deranged look and pushes Jamie all the way into the corner of the ring, she runs up and starts to puch her in the head repeatedly without stopping! The ref orders her to stop and begins to count but Edgehead continues to punch her viciously. The referee is left with no choice bu to disqualify her
winner: JamieRKO by disqualification (Edgehead is STILL women’s champion)

Match 5
Tag team match
Tag team championship
UJ and Rohit vs GB and ???

GB announces his tag partner to be none other then E&C! Former enemies have become partners here tonight! UJ and Rohit looked shocked, nonetheless, the match begins. A very back and forth match GB and E&C work together surprisingly well. UJ attempts to distract the ref but GB goes out of the ring and throws him into the steel steps! Rohit is distracted and E&C hits the Killswitch! he goes for the pin one..two..three!
Winners: GB and E&C (New tag team champions!)

Match 6
Champion vs Champion

Another back and forth matchup, TLC appears to have the upper hand until he botches a move landing awkwardly on his arm. RNW takes full advantage and attacks his arm. He gets TLC in an armlock but TLC refuses to tap. He goes up for a Collision Explosion but TLC throws him down to the mat with his good arm! He gets down for a Legacy Cutter! He hits it! he goes for the pin one..two..three!
Winner: TLC

After the match Bob comes out and attacks TLC focusing on the same arm RNW worked on. Eventually RNW joins in and it becomes a 2 on 1 assault. Jesh then comes riding out on his motorcycle and RNW squirms out of the arena. Bob stares Jesh down but eventually leaves the ring

Match 7
Champion vs champion
The Final encounter
D4L vs Clark (w/Darien)

A very competitive match and by far the best tonight. For a full 20 minutes nobody could get the upper hand for long. D4L hits the big boot! He lifts his arm for a chokeslam but Clark counters it into a huge DDT! He goes for the pin one..two..KICKOUT! Clark looks angry and gets mad at the ref, D4L sits up and goes for the chokeslame again he hits it! D4L slowly goes for the pin one..two..KICKOUT! An exhausted D4L looks in anger and disbelief at the ref. As D4l turns around Clark lifts him up and hits a huge FU! He goes for the pin one..two..three!
Winner: Clark

After the match D4L slowly rises up as Clark celebrates he turns around to receive yet another big boot! DD jumps into the ring and pulls Clark to safety. Darien then gets right in D4L's face and slaps him! They have a stare down and D4L eventually leaves

*Be sure to check out both Impact and Smackdown next week!*

Cut a Promo!

Excuse me! I SAID EXCUSE ME!!! To those who feel the need to have the YWSE posts deleted, instead of being a spineless COWARD and reporting the posts, come talk to me about your problem!

i bought a fixer-upper and the exhaust is rusted. I want to cut it off halfway and just attach some raw pipe to the old exhaust for some cheap pipes. I cant afford new ones. Will this work? If i need baffles how can i make new ones?

i recently let someone ride on the back of my ninja 650 and they were dumb enough to let their foot rest on my exhaust pipe. well their shoe melted to the pipe and now i have a big spot on it. i've tried to get it off with soap and water, greased lightning, everything. any ideas on how i can get rid of the rubber stain?

I e-mailed the NSW RTA, and all i got back was a ridiculous quote from their site saying:
"The LAM scheme will allow novice riders to ride moderately powered motorcycles with an engine capacity up to and including 660ml and which do not exceed a power to weight ratio of 150 kilowatts per tonne and are shown on this list."

So by this logic, providing that my motorcycle does not exceed those numbers, i can install a turbo charger on my bike. That doesn't sound right to me.

Does anyone have an idea of what modifications i can perform on my bike while still keeping it Learner legal?

I want to purchase a cruiser and do the following modifications; change the rake, lower the bike, increase the rear tyre size, swap the fenders, install a custom exhaust, change the headlight, change the forks, custom handlebars and grips, and maybe depending on the bike install a turbo charger.

I have a thing for custom motorcycles, and this is as close as i can come to legally riding a custom motorcycle on my Learner & Provisional licence. Three years is too long to wait for a nice custom bike.

Please, no lectures of any kind. Especially about the turbo charger, i like to keep things legal, I'm not planning on being a reckless rider.
I have the cash flow & my father will be helping me with the modifications. If bikes can be built within weeks than i am sure i can modify a bike within a year.

I've seen a few people change the rake of their bike, and this is the first i have heard of needing an engineers report.

Sorry Aussie H.D. Rider, but your answer is not relevant to my question.

I have a 2004 Yamaha R1 and there is white smoke coming from the exhaust of my motorcycle. I did a compression test to see if it was maybe a leaky head gasket or blown piston ring. The compression test results were normal. All cylinders were at about 180 (it's supposed to be around 210, but the test was done cold). Any idea what the problem could be/ what should I do? thanks for the help

Please don't answer if you haven't done it and had it work out well.
My chrome looks bad but the exhaust is still working great.
The baffles cannot be removed.

with a full exhaust and with a fender eliminator kit its pretty loud and i am moving to California this year in Washington all you need is to have a exhaust pipe and your good but i am not sure how it is in California and i don't know whats okay to have and not have on a motorcycle

I have a couple but two noticeable ones. one is on my arm when my brother cut me one time when we were fighting. and the other is on my leg when i was riding my motorcycle with shorts on and igot off kind of quick and i backed into the exhaust pipe and well it left a mark. remember kids, if ur riding a motorcycle, dont wear shorts, lol.

hey everyone, before i start i want to say thanks for taking the time to help me out.

ok! i have a 1986 Suzuki Savage LS650. Its been sitting in my garage for around 5 years now. I recently pulled it out, washed it up, bought a new battery and put some gas in the tank. The gas stays in the tank without a problem, but as soon as i turn the key and press the start button the gas leeks out of the bottom of my bike? You can hear the exhaust huffing and puffing like its ready to start but it never does, and the gas just runs out of the bottom until the tank is empty. Does anyone know whats going on?


I'm nearly 18 now, doing my A2 motorcycle test very soon had a delay due to funding and time as im full time at college, own a Gilera DNA 50 2008 for getting there in the mornings.

Had it 'Derestricted' when I was 17, still does really what it did restricted 35 mainly 40 if im lucky, better on hills however.

Was let down as i was expecting alot more from people saying "I got 60+ on mine etc etc" but thinking this was all nonsense I kept with it.

However, recently a guy at college has a Gilera DNA 50 but an older model, 2002 i think not sure and he was saying how fast does mine go so i said he laughed and said his goes 50-60 flat so I said no way and he let me on it and it does, bare in mind this isn't tuned or anything just a Leo Vince ZX and thats all of the modifications on his.

Further research im finding bikes that have been 'ECU restricted' some may have seen videos of derestricting with a gameboy, now im in question has a Gilera DNA 50 have any other restrictions than the variator washer and the exhaust - both have been derestricted by my local dealer - however, they know little of the bike and 50ccs.

I have gsxr 600 2007. i like to paint my exhaust to black with paint sprayer. dis paint is high heat paint with 1200 degree to heat resist. is 1200 degree enough for exhaust? because exhaust is pretty dam hot u know?

I'm at this mx track maybe 3 - 4 times a week.. I'm constantly breathing in exhaust fumes from the motorcycles and all that dirt that gets blown when the track isn't watered down..

Is this unhealthy?

My Street a traffic nightmare
As it is common for living in the centre of the city, noise, dust, smoke, exhaust gasses and all other sorts of pollution are common companions. However it doesn't have to be that way, what most of older neighbors know from a period in which traffic was not so intense. What will process of continuous replacing of old houses with four, five (or even more) stores buildings, bring us is hard to estimate, but from already gained experience aforementioned problem is getting bigger and bigger with time. That transformation was not obvious on the beginning, but as new buildings start to pop up, first one, than the other... now three or four at the same time, the same old street became narrower, with more cars moving or parked in it. Once familiar faces of neighbors were replaced with anonymous passengers in the hurry who are just passing in pursue of their own affairs. What was once used to be an annoying disturbance, like for example humming and yelling that used to come from backyards of houses or children noise, is pleasant memory compared with the roar of buses, cars and motorcycles. Lack of proper planning and lack of discipline to follow accepted rules and architectural principles are leading us to more and more inhuman and unfriendly environment.

I've got a 2007 Honda 400EX, bought new in November 2008. I've owned several honda racing four wheelers, this is the first I have owned and experienced problems with. From the dealer I followed the maintenance log, run 5 tanks of fuel through it before changing break in oil, as suggested. Changed oil ever since with lucas racing motorcycle oil. Only mods to the bike is a hmf slip on, jetted by hmfs specs, talked with a rep at hmf to get the proper jetting number for my elevation. Now for the problem, it has done this almost from the first tank of gas, after hard acceleration and letting off the throttle it will puff out some blue smoke, as time progressed its been getting worse, it makes me think that its been running to lean and the exhaust valve seals are cooked? Any suggestions? If so would this be hmfs fault?
I forgot to ad that it does not smoke when its cold or at start up, only when its warmed up or actually a little hot, which the 400exs are notorious for.

Could too much oil in my motorcycle cause smoke to come out the exhaust?
I do not add oil to the gas

I want the exhaust to sound good like a Harley and be loud. I don't want it to sound annoying either, just healthy.

What should I get?

I recently received a 'severe first degree burn' from a motorcycle exhaust pipe. Last night my blister was ripped open and now the under skin is exposed and stinging like mad. Should I cover it, leave it open, put anything on it?

i need to know thing such as repair costs
pollution from exhaust
what parts do cars have that motorcycles dont such as windows and ..... please help

so i have a 2-stroke honda MTX 125 and its 1984... when i bought it, it started but had excessive white smoke comming out from the exhaust and it had a serious lack of power only reaching about 30 Mph, i think it could be the crank seals what i want to know is. will the seals cause these two sysmptoms ? and if the gearbox gasket was gone ( by the way the gearbox splits verticly ) would this be the same 2 symptoms ? and is it likely the gearbox gasket is gone... thats assuming there is a gasket seperating the gearbox and crank, as im not %100 sure how it works ,, any help is appreciated .. thanks

I just want to if there is any legal action I can take to stop these people with the exhaust parts that make such loud, irritating noises or similar sonding motorcycles. I lived in an apartment once where almost every night around 1 AM someone would crank up his Harley and rev the engine for minutes right outside my window. Now (different place), its cars with the flowmasters and glasspacks that come out every night and just ride around aimlessly (or maybe they are racing? All I know is that they ride around while not straying too far off). Am I stuck with this?
I am working my butt off to get into med school, actually. And who wants to live in the country?

I have got a honda Cm 400t from the 1980's. The bike has been running great since I cleaned the carbs and changed the plugs I've had no problem for about 5 weeks since.

Yesterday I was riding down one of our main roads going about 65 when the bike starting dying. At first I thought it was out of gas, maybe a leak, but when I pulled over I found that the tank was half full. So I started it back up and it was having a real hard time idling. It would just die without the choke being at least half way up. As I was heading home the bike sounded different, the only way I could explain it was that it sounded like something was spinning loudly in the engine when I would slow down the RPMS. This sound was not there before it started acting funny. Now on the second day after I changed the oil it still sounds funny and is now blowing 5 times more smoke out of the right exhaust. It seems like the warmer the engine gets the more smoke comes out. If I keep it at 2,000 rpms it just pumps out thick white smoke.

If anyone has any ideas or any tips to help me fix this problem it would be great! I am not trying to take it to a shop.

im like 6 foot 5 with my shoes on,so the price and milage is the same,im really looking for comfy fast motorcycle im 271 pound, any other motercycles you know tell me.should i go with a yahama r1 2003 4800 with yoshi exhaust or 2006 r1 with power compresser /yoshi exhaust for 5800..

I have a Suzuki Intruder. It has a Corbin seat (which is hard) and i bought it with an after market exhaust.
I suffer from lower back pain after riding for a while.
I am pretty sure it is from the frequent vibration that I get from the bike.
I wonder if most of the vibes come from the exhaust or this kind of motor???

I have a 69 suzuki t125.

For the record, this is a 2 cylinder 125cc 2 stroke motor. (you don't have to pre-mix the oil. it does it for you.

it's rated at about 15hp, and tops out between 70-80 depending on wind direction and if i'm crouched over the gas tank, etc.... in a tail wind wearing tighter clothing and a full faced helmet, i actually got 85 one time on the freeway...

I'll preface my question with this......

If i wanted to go 220 mph down the freeway, obviously i'd buy a hayabusa.

That's not what i'm looking for. I would however like to add an extra 3- 5 horsepower if possible to potentially help me keep speed when climbing a hill with my girlfriend on the back.

I will say this. I have ridden a LOT of bikes, and this bike handles better than any bike i have ever ridden to date. This includes Ninjas, CBR's, etc. it may not have a high top speed, but i can take a hair pin with no problems...

sorry.. back on topic..

Parts are NOT easy to find for this bike. they stopped producing parts for it 20+ years ago. back in the day, they had lots of performance parts for them, but finding one that specifically fits this bike is going to be nearly impossible... anything i do like exhaust or intake will have to be fabricated and made to fit by hand (which i can do to some extent).

SO... given that, what can i do to make it a little more powerful?

For the record also, it's a 6v system...

Thanks in advance for the legitimate and helpful answers.
hmm.. thanks.... yeah i wasn't sure if the 185 had the same style motor. i think the 250's are different. i'll have to check into that. i would be ok with upgrading it to a 185 if it mounts the same way.
-- the t185 has a different style motor that requires it to have a frame under the motor, but like you said, i may be able to make the barrels fit... i'll look into that.

I have a 99 honda cbr f4. What does rejetting/remapping mean when you buy a new slip on or exhaust. Also, is it hard to do?

desperate for full exhaust but interested in all spare parts

Ok, so my husband was on the motorcycle the other day (in shorts) and his leg got burnt by the extremely hot exhaust pipe. So anyway, it was a pretty bad burn at first. This was like a month ago. So everyday he's been cleaning it and putting Neosporin on it and around it to help the itching while it heals. The thing is he broke out in some weird rash all around the burn. At first it looked like a bunch of ingrown hairs, now it's just a bunch of red itchy dots. Any idea what this could be? It's scary and we don't know how to get it to go away. (He is stubborn and says he is not going to the doctor unless it gets worse.) Help?!

Ok, I wrote an introduction to this quesiton that was longer than some books, so I just started over because otherwise I'd never get any answers 'cause the intro was longer than the freaking question itself. I'll try to keep it "to the point", but I have always had trouble with that. I ramble. I'm a rambler and I rant. I'm a ranter, putting in millions of details that have nothing to due with the topic. OK - my dad buys his second motorcycle as he is wanting to get into riding. I have been riding every year weather permitting for 13 year and I know my way around a bike pretty good. I have never owned a harley davidson, only Yamaha's and kawasaki's. The first bike my dad bought was a Kawasaki. He's been taking riding lessons from me for free, and he also signed up for a course at our local community college that is taught by guys who've been riding for centuries, and they'll teach him things that even I don't know. So one day we are driving and there's a sparkling clean sportster (1200 XLH) sitting on the side of the road ("for sale sign clearly visible"). I call the number and offer the guy $3000 as it's a 1990 and has 15,000 miles on it, although the bike is FLAWLESS and loaded with aftermarket shiny things, although all moving parts are stock. He accepts. I tell him that it's actually my dad who is interested and I'll have him call back later. He does, and sets up a test ride (to be performed by me) the next day. We go, I ride (I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wear a helmet), but I didn't on this test ride because I had to be able to hear EVERYTHING IN THE ENGINE, ETC. So I ride for about 10 minutes and the bike is in such incredible condition I just can't believe it. I report back and dad agrees to buy it on the spot. The next day he pays the guy and get's the temp tag and insures it. Tonight I went down and picked it up. While we were in the guys large and spotless garage, fully equipped with about 10 motorcycles, 3 cars, and 4 toolbenches, I didn't see the expected accompanyment of tool kits. So I figure he outsources his maintainence. Ok. I turn the fuel switch to "on" from "off", and all of a sudden the bike is literally purging the entire tank of gas out of what appears to be a 1/4 inch rubber hose that someone had threaded between those iconic thin metal bars that run vertically from the crankcase up each side of the cylinders. The hose STARTS at the bottom of the air filter, although I don't thing it has anything to do with it and runs up direcly to the "OFF/ON/RESERVE" switch. So I quickly switch it off, and it stops leaking. The seller is horrified because he's already been paid and we haven't even taken possession yet, 2. The bike didn't do this when I rode it the day before, and 3. his dog bit my dad in the ass when he went over to pay him (and my dad is a lawyer, "bad combination of events"). So we spend 40 minutes trying to figure out first of all what the hell that hose is anyway.... Why is it now leaking fuel copiously, and was it originally connected to something else? did it become disconnected? Next I decide "ok, let's take it just outside of the garage, fire it up with the switch on "off", then turn it "on", which we did, and it still pissed fuel all over the ground. By this time I'd removed it from it's previous position up against the base of the outside of the lower part of the block (too hot for rubber hose, obviously), and I'd zip-tied it so it wouldn't touch the exhaust either. Ok, WTF!!!!???? So, in a last ditch attempt to just GET IT HOME, I decided to clamp it off. Between the 2 of us we decided to use a paper clamp (not clip, CLAMP), those black things with the little silver handles to open and close them that can be used to pinch other people for fun at the office. We also screwed a screw of slightly larger diameter than the inside of the hose into the end of it, and...... drumroll... IT STILL LEAKED, SOMEHOW, but to a lesser degree. He followed me home and the performance of the bike was severely compromised. I had to keep it revved at stop signs and it felt like it was missing on one of the cylinders occasionally. SO: WHAT IS THIS HOSE, WHAT IS IT'S PURPOSE, AND WHAT'S IT SUPPOSED TO DO? IS IT SUPPOSED TO BE HOOKED TO SOMETHING? IF SO, WHAT? PLEASE. I WILL RECANT ALL MY YEARS OF RIDING JAP BIKES IF SOMEONE WILL PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO FIX THIS PROBLEM. Otherwise, I'm going to have to pay someone to do it and they might die of laughter from how stupid I am that I couldn't figure it out on my own. This bike is beautiful and I'm really hoping that it doesn't reinforce the rumor that Harley's are hanger queens (which is the only reason I hadn't bought one myself prior to this bike). I know that there is someone out there who can answer this in the blink of an eye. Also the oil/filter and plugs haven't been changed in friggin' trillions of years so I'm going to do that as soon as I can get the right plugs for it. I bought a case of 4 cycle bike oil about 3 years ago and I still haven't
used it all, so this oil change should finish it off. That maintainence I can do myself, but if I end up having to take the bike to my mechanic to have this hose thing figured out, I'll just have them change the plugs/oil/filter. Well, that about does it. If I remember anything else I'll post an update. Thank you all in advance for your help. I'm sorry I'm such a dumb-ass but this is my first Harley and I'm still basically a Harley virgin so I haven't found the g-spot on them yet. Thx, john in Iowa

its about the size of an egg. Obviously not sticking out lick an eg its just round and im very white and my big round burn is very red. Its not dry or anything, but its like kind of bubbled up a bit. I got it getting off my dads motorcycle and i lost my balance and fell off the wrong side and my bare leg(i was wearing capris) met with the exhaust pipe. My cousins wedding is on saturday, just four days away, and I am wearing a knee length dress. Does anyone know a way to minimize the appearance of the burn, or help it heal faster or anything?

Ok, so i recently bought a 1975 suzuki ts 185 motorcycle from a guy that hadn't run in in about 10ish years. i took the carb of and cleaned it, i took off the clutch cover and cleaned the cover andlet all the old oil come out, i washed the gas tank and the oil tank, and the airfilter which i also got a new filter for it. i put all that back together and decided to try starting it. since this was my first motorcycle my dad tryed starting it first to show me really how to do it. he said it would take about 10 or 20 kicks beforeit started. the second time he kicked it it started up. i was surprised since it hadnt run in 10 years but when it ran there was alot of exaust smoke coming out and it was really white, not blue like a normal 2 stroke dad thought that matbe motor oil was getting pat a broken seal and burning with the gas and oil but the exhaust was white and my dadthough that ment water was burning in the engine too. also we mixed oil and gas then put it in the gas tank because we werent sure if the oil pump was working but i wouldn't think you would get that much smoke from too much oil. if you have experience on this pleasehelp. i really dont want to take the engine apart afterit started up so nicely. thanks

i have a 05 kawi 636, a few months back I put a jardine exhaust, ive been runing it like that but some one told me it might be running too lean, others tell me i need a PC. others tell me its fine... now the FI light went on and i dont know why... anyone know how i can know??.. codes?? how do i know if the bike is too lean?

I have a 2001 Yukon XL and I have had a noise that sounds like a motorcycle is reviving up and gets real loud when push on gas(this is the best noise i can compare it too)its comin from dash it seems,but doesnt do it all the time and now there is a loud grinding noise when i push on the gas and i could only go 10mph. When I stop the vehicle and tried to go again it was fine. It is driving me crazy and scaring me all at once. Please if any one has any idea please let me know. also my exhaust smells like gasoline, didnt know what is going on,. Thank you so much.

I wanna take the silencer off my hyosung comet 250...its got the stock exhaust and i cant find the skrew to unskrew..theres just not one there a special way to get it off, or is there just somthing that im missing or what...HELP its annoying the crap out of me

I just got a new motorcycle exhaust not to long ago, its only a slip-on.
Sometimes when i start my motorcycle the exhaust will make a loud "bang" noise or it will shoot "fire" out the exhaust or both.

My motorcycle shop installed this exhaust tip and said it was good to go. Im wondering if this is normal or should i take some kind of action?

Does it hurt my motorcycle in anyway? and what causes this?

It did not do this with the stock exhaust.


from the hot exhaust pipes that are chrome plated. it's a scuff mark. what to use to remove it?

i was out riding my motorcycle yesterday when i was on a long strip of road i was riding behind a street bike. This is what i saw help me on what bike it is:

-Street bike
-Thought it said something like "VRT" on the side (google came up with nothing)
-Dual exhausts (one on each side of the rear tire)
-The back tail light was one light, but when he would signal half of that light would blink
-probably 600-1000cc

it was not a V rod muscle.

It looked like a modern street bike, not a cruser.

I am getting a 2000 eclipse GS I need info on what exhust is best for me?
What is the best full exhaust in terms of Loudness and Smoothness I love exhausts that are really loud but not the point where they sound like harleys motorcycles I want one that is loud but has a smooth sound to it which one would u recommend and for a good price

exhaust parts

Also available at great Auto Parts Discount deals are exhaust system parts for Honda. Combustion cycle doesn't stop at the compression stage wherein the air and fuel mixture is prepared for ignition. After the spark plug has fired and ...I have an '08 Challenger, I changed to Kooks headers and race mids along with Corsa Cat back. I live in Virginia and the cost of shipping would be $30.Lets take a closer look at a cars exhaust system, its components, how to control Auto Parts Online stores featured exhaust parts like Chevy truck exhaust parts, Toyota exhaust parts, Nissan exhaust parts, Jeep exhaust and Honda exhaust ...As I mentioned in another post a friend is parting out a tC. Its an 06 and I drive an 08. Does anyone know if the headers will match up? Im assuming that the Axel-Back exhaust set will because the pipes are the same..but I might be ...My resonators are in my Section 2 (terminators), the Euroheaders have the cats in your section 1 (midpipe) pipe, all you need to do is extend your O2 wires. Plus best of all it is OEM. There are 4 parts to the exhaust Headers, ...Posts: 450. Dont know where you are from,but there's a good firm in walsall that makes all there own stainless exhaust parts on site,& a huge range of tailpipes. Well pleased with mine. bennesspipers is offline ...Need Part #'s for Exhaust Brackets parts V-ROD General.Borla Performance Industries recommends that an exhaust shop or professional after market parts installer, who has all the necessary equipment, tools and experienced personnel needed for proper installation, should perform the ...Getting a new exhaust and I was curious if I needed any gaskets or flanges. I am buying a new o2 housing, downpipe, and catback exhaust so if anyone.I'm looking for an AFTERMARKET exhaust for my buddys crf 70. If you have ANYTHING you'd want to sell, please contact me with pics and a price. The.
i have had this 78 el camino for 26 years right..i built a 1973 350 chevy 4 bolt main up about 10 years ago..maybe has 20 k in miles on it..probably has 250 hp ..towing cam ..headers ...202 heads is what i have..i everyone has different ideas for hp. i would like 400 hp anyway does have a 700 r 4 tranny with overdrive and a 373 posi in it..i want to buy a complete top end kit ..if i just new what to get and where to get it .and be able to trust someone other then a backyard no it all mechanic that doesnt no squat..i want to no what size exhaust works the best..and i want the distributer sparking system fuel pump..carberater i can take this engine apart and and apply the new parts on with out buying all the nickel and dime s...t..i want to take it to the drag strip and run with the boys and i want to be able to put my camper top on it and hook the trailer up to it and pull my harleys cross country also..i no it can be done and that is what i want..if anyone has an idea of where to purchase something like that other then looking at all the different parts and pieces at hot rodder or summit ..or a simple idea that does not cost much..please let me know..thank you

On the cover is a man lying down with a large mountain in the background. One guy, the villian, has telekenetic powers and is bitter at the world. In one part of the book, some soldiers come into town and ask to see a doctor because the men think they are sick, but the doctor tells them they are just exhausted and need rest. Thats all I remember. I think (but am not sure) that the book title is the name of one of the characters (the good guy?).

I'm looking for spoilers, rims, exhaust, ect.

Upon the stairway of despair,
Complete with broken love affairs
And promises that never came,
But faded with a touch of shame,
A pretty girl with golden hair
And innocence so sadly rare,
Strove to keep her head above
A way of life devoid of love.

Feeling pinned against Life's wall,
She chanced upon a robot tall
And said, "Please come and share with me
Whatever Fate has deemed to be.
I'm through with love, done with chances
Spirit crushed by past romances,
Just be a friend in word and deed.
That's all that I shall ever need."

"There's not too much from me to learn,"
Remarked the robot, in return.
"Emotions do not form a part
of my cold, solid-steel heart.
Whatever maker fashioned me
Did not permit my circuitry
Responsiveness to love or pain -
You're thoughts for me would be in vain."

"No matter", spoke the maid. "No more
Do I wish passion to explore.
Be someone I can come home to
When my exhausting day is through.
Count yourself a well-worn shoe -
A friend that I can slip into . . .
Protection from a stone cold floor . . .
For this I ask and nothing more."

Agreement made, he took her hand
And lived the life that she had planned,
Always willing, not demanding,
Aiding her with understanding
He made her smile with humorous wit
(As his restrictions would permit)
And, bit by bit, she came to feel
That he was more than iron and steel.

"I love you, robot", she at last
Replied when several months had passed.
"You're strength and quiet dignity
Have brought a wondrous change in me.
No more do I feel all alone,
And pray you must be flesh and bone.
Deep-set emotions you MUST feel
Within that outer coat of steel!"

"If I were able, I would say
I'm sorry I was made this way
But my design and programmation
Does not provide for that creation
Of feelings normal men may feel
That were not born of iron and steel.
I told you all this once before.
You have no right expecting more."

"Go, then!" cried she. "I will not live
Beside a fiend who cannot give!
Though I be battered by misuse,
Misguided trust and strong abuse,
At least the men I chose were real
And had the power to love and feel.
Of all the lovers I recall,
You are the cruelest one of all!"

The robot, indestructible,
Continues freely and at will.
Emotionless, apparently,
But, bearing closer scrutiny,
One can see a small tear streak
Down that cold, metallic cheek

im 9 weeks, almost stuck on the couch watching bolt (skipped school today). i feel sooo exhausted and sleepy but i slept for like 12 hours last night. i keep dry heaving and gagging but im trying my best not to throw up. is it bad to fight it or should i just give in and barf everything up?
its hard for me to keep water down. i suck on ice cubes as much as i can. vegetables make me superrr nauseous (i used to LOVE veggies). i think ive been losing weight instead of gaining weight.
i heard about sea bands, do those help at all?

i see my gyno/ob when im 16 weeks so theres not really much i can do right now. if it gets really bad i might make a sooner appointment...but im assuming this is all just a part of being preggo.

i sure miss my mommy haha but shes lives in cali and im in virginia. sorry for all the complaining, hopefully someone out there can give me some words of wisdom, comfort or some advice.... looking forward to meeting my little one! :)

the doctor said im iron deficient and vitamin d deficient.

i have an extremely pale complexion, compared to other parts of my body which are mored tanned it looks odd, its not a pretty pale but a really pasty, unhealthy pale :l
i get really tired all the time and my period is very heavy and i get more exhausted when i have it. my nails chip easily and i get lots of bruises and never know where they come from. my heartbeat is pretty fast (i dont really exercise much though) and i generally feel weak a lot of the time.
from this, does it sound serious or normal for an iron deficient teenager? i take vitamin d and iron FGF tablets but i dont know if theyre working, i still feel tired and my complexion is still pasty. is there any natural way to make my complexion more tanned, will the tablets eventually help?
ive been on these tablets for about 5 months though, shouldnt they have done something by now... ?

Okay so I'm about to get my first car (I'm so excited! No more rides from mommy! haha) and a guy in my neighborhood is selling a Civic, which is what I want, I actually found him on Craigslist and here is what he says:
This car is a 1992 civic lx with a 2000 d16y8 engine with 125,xxx miles on it also has a naxos exhaust and a shortram intake. The car has two kicker 12s in the back and pioneer speakers all around clarion head unit. It has 17 inch evoke wheels with low pro tires all around. It has a cracked windshield, bad ball joint, needs shocks and a wheel bearing that makes noise sometimes. Car runs good and sounds good

By the way I don't know this guy (he is around the corner+)

But anyways I know nothing about cars and don't know anyone that does so my question is: how much would this cost to fix? I googled all the different parts but I can't do this myself so I would have to take it to the shop. So an estimate of how much it would cost? And the even bigger question: is it worth it?

He is selling it for $2000 obo, I have $4000 and I'm thinking I could get it for $1000-1500 since hes been trying for a month. Also I really don't care about the speakers and would be willing to even give him them back.

If I stay up late some nights, and start to feel exhausted, my legs always have a very sharp ache inside them. All the way from my thighs down. It feels like the growing pains you used to have as a kid. I'm 18, so I'm done growing, and I'm not old enough to ache all the time, but I do. I also have a pretty average active lifestyle, so straining of the muscles or not enough use of the muscles is not part of the problem either, at least not with being unhealthy. I've always had this pain associated with lack of sleep, for as long as I can remember. If I can get myself to fall asleep, by morning, everything is better.
But why does this happen the first place? Is it unusual?

I have looked around and have made up my mind that i would rather have it be quick and agile than look good so performance parts only, thanks. I've seen the Greddy EVO2 exhaust kit and like that but i also have been looking at cold air and short ram air intakes. Im kinda new at this but it wont be the first time doing work on a car. Id like to keep it under $700 and if there are any other ideas please share. I'm open to everything. Thanks.
I do know the VVT-i 2JZ engine was in the car, that was the main reason I wanted and got it. From what I've herd, I know that it isn't like they took it out of a Supra and into the IS300. The Supra edition was an aluminum block with high performance internals. The IS300 Engine is cast iron and has low performance internals. It is still a very good engine to have. I have also herd that the transmission needs to be beefed up, it has the stock 5-speed auto with the E-shift.

What are some good aftermarket parts for my 2006 Chevy Cobalt LT? I have put on a cold air intake and am going to get a borla exhaust system but what are some other ideas? Also do they make a throttle body spacer for my car?

i have a 2003 pontiac grand am se 2.2 ecotech engine. i am looking into upgrading my engine,exhaust, well just my entire car and i just want to know what websites are ppl i need to be talking to that can truly help me. i asked around some motor rebuilding company's here where i live but nobody found anything made just for my car. one company found universal parts but i don't want that. can anyone help me please?

This is a short story for language arts. I am only 13 so it may need quite a bit of criticism.

What will happen to me after I die? Will anyone remember me for the good and the evil I have done in my life? What is on the other side of death? Darkness perhaps? Or a whole new world full of wonder, those lost friends and dearly missed loved ones reunited with me? These are questions I ask myself as I realize that my life is coming to a close. Although the biggest question of all is...will someone be there to hold my hand as my very heartbeat comes to a stop?

Trapped. I am trapped like a bird in a cage in this nursing home. People come to visit me. sometimes I recognize them, sometimes I do not. Perhaps this is because of my disease, Alzheimer's. They have told me it is incurable. Perhaps it will make me die faster. Death would be welcomed by me with open arms at this point. This is a terrible place to end my last moments but no one comes to take me away. Maybe that blond woman was my daughter? Maybe she would take me? The most horrible part of my disease is that sometimes I do not even remember who I am. I do now though. Henrietta Tyme is my name. My past is a blur, unfortunately, but glimpses of it come to my mind at times.

The first thing that I usually remember from my past is a man. A man with brown hair and kind blue eyes. Every time I remember him, I feel a pull at my heart. He...seems to be my...father? Perhaps. Next, I remember a hospital bed. With...a woman on it. She looks quite ill and has blonde hair and soft Born eyes like a doe's. In my memory, her eyes are open wide and a stricken look seems to be permanently etched onto her face. Despite this, she looks rather beautiful. My...mother maybe? The third memory shows a younger me, about 25 years old, holding a small child with short black curls framing her heart-shaped face. Possibly my daughter. The last memory, the clearest one of all, is that of an old man. He is not moving and his messy gray hair is flecked with black splatters. Thick red blood is flowing smoothly from him chest like a scarlet fountain. There are men shouting around him, carrying guns. He appears to be...dead. every time, as I am remembering this, my eyes fill to the brim with unwanted tears. He is my husband. Of that I am sure. It is the only memory that I am sure of. I rest my chin upon my hand and let out a long, exhausted sigh. Suddenly, I feel dizzy! Darkness clouds my vision.

My eyes slowly open. Beneath me is a hospital bed. That is the first thing I notice. Death is beckoning to me. I can feel it. Many people appear to be in my room. Only one stands out. An old man with gray hair flecked with black splatters. Just as in my memory. He is standing at the end of my bed and no one else appears to see him. His chest has a deep hole in it, as if a knife has carved a hole in it. I slowly get up, but notice that my body does not. I seem to be a...spirit. Death must have taken me by surprise when I was not looking. My hand touches my husbands, a light flashes, and everything disappears.

Thank you soooo much!!!! I really appreciate it!

i have a V6 mustang 07 and have an idea of a setup but i need opinions on the pieces and i need mechanical info such as how much horesepower i can expect and if there will be any issues with the setup mechanicaly
here is the setup---
bbk cold air intake unit
bbk 70mm throttle body--uses factory gaskets
bbk short headers---will this still be able to use factory pipes?
flowmaster single exhaust-- how does it sound?--what is the difference in the regular and the 409 stainless steel what makes it better?? the cost difference is about $60 is it worth it??
--iridium spark plugs--will they make that much of a difference?--will they be too powerful for a v6 210hp motor?--will i need a higher performance wiring system to get them to get full potential??

also would like to know about suspension pieces if i were to buy any what pieces would make the most difference with the least amount of cost??? strut tower braces? front and rear sway bars???

Ok this is going to be a bit long..I bought a used saturn 1998 sl2 with 90,000 miles. ...and I got it checked out at the local firestone(because I noticed a bit of an oil leak and little rattling noise) and these are all the things they said need to be fixed...These are the prices with parts and labor

1.remove and replace valve cover gasket-$322.69
2. Remove & inspect f axle shaft-outer boot torn--$386
3. loose and belt slippage-remove& replace vibration damper--$260
4.Rusted pipes under car..exhaust(from catalytic converter back)--$400
5. Timing chain--remove and replace. because there is noise ticking
6.Belts- soaked with oil--$84.99
7.Standard brake job-rotors rusted and 80% work. 2 brake rotors. caliper slide service----$314
8. Alignment--$80

I don't know mechanic lingo--so I don't know if this is already listed up there but he said my water pump is leaking...and that it is minor now but should be fixed.

I don't think they are just saying this to get service because the mechanic said its not worth fixing. He said it's worth less than $200.

So bascially all of these things in addition to minor things I left out leaves me with $3,340 in repairs.

Is this accurate? Can I get this done cheaper by an independent mechanic? Is it even worth it?
Ok. But if you read what I wrote I asked --if whether or not I hired a mechanic on the side--would it be worth the repairs? it like the mechanic said--not worth it?
I know prices are all different--but is this the average cost--or overpriced?

At first I thought asking strangers a question like this was weird but I've read some other questions & responses & it seems to help.

My husband & I have been married for 3 1/2 years. We have a 2 year old son. I have literally made myself sick trying to make the decision whether I should leave or stay. We are complete opposites. I'm very social & like to spend time with friends, he would rather just stay at home. We had a lot of argument's within the first few months we were married. When we were engaged, one of my best friends asked me to go to New York & told me she would pay for the trip! I was so excited! My fiance (now husband) told me if I went that he would not be there when I came back. I was devastated. I had never given him a reason to not trust me. I know he had been hurt in the past but he was taking out his frustrations on me. There have been many hurtful things he has done in the past. Should I just forgive him?

He was never very affectionate during the first couple years of our marriage & I was always the one wanting to have sex, but usually he didn't. This really hurt me so eventually I gave up. I did everything for him & felt like I never got anything in return. He has been more affectionate recently, but I feel like he only became affectionate after he realized I was thinking about leaving him.

He doesn't try to be, but he is very controlling & selfish. I rarely go out & when I bring that up, his response is, "We have a child & we don't have time." Obviously there is more to that, but that's the basic response. My friends are very important to me & I know your life changes when you have a child (& my child is my first priority), but I don't think that your life outside your home should end. I work part-time (about 28 hours/wk) & he works full-time (about 42 hrs/wk) & I don't see why we rarely spend time by ourselves or with family & friends. In regard to being selfish: one example I can think of, is when our son was little he had colic, never slept during the day, & never slept through the night until he was almost a year old. I was so exhausted, I never got any rest. I developed post partum depression. REGARDLESS of our work schedule, I was always the one who had to get up in the night with our son. I begged my husband to help & he just said he couldn't because he was too tired.

He is also a workaholic & I'm always nagging him about spending quality time with me & our son. I've also told him I feel like he should take more responsibility when it comes to our son.

He has a very hard time understanding other peoples views or differences. He seems to think that everyone should think & act like him & have the same interests that he does. He gets annoyed if I try to read a book!

I have been seeing a counselor for a few months & I have asked him several times to go. I even told him, during one argument, that if he didn't go, I would leave. He still has not went with me.

I now suffer from chronic depression, anxiety & IBS.

I know the decision is ultimately mine but, like I said before, this has been such a hard decision for me. And its also a scary decision. I don't want to completely give up on the relationship. Can anyone offer any suggestions or encouragement?

[1] the dawn of romance and the commencement of history;
[2] a word that should be pronounced as "mirage";
[3] an event, for the upper middle class, is the only adventure left;
[4] a very good way to promote civilization - if you get a good wife you will be happy, if you get a bad one you will become a philosopher {Socrates};
[5] a process much like a cafeteria - you carefully look over the choices, select what looks the best - and pay later;
[6] an event which is called "tying the knot" - unfortunately, the knot can be a noose;
[7] a word which always means commitment - but so does insanity;
[8] a ceremony favored in England - it's the only way to beat their cold winters and lack of central heating;
[9] something that changes the demeanor of a driver - there is no longer any effort needed to keep both hands on the wheel;
[10] the only permanent cure for love;
[11] is only compatible when the man makes a living and his wife makes living worthwhile;
[12] the only adventure open to the cowardly;
[13] something which is called a feast - unfortunately, sometimes the appetizer is better than the main course;
[14] a group which consists of: a master, a mistress, and two slaves, making in all, two;
[15] the alliance of two people, one who never remembers birthdays, and the other who never forgets them;
[16] the process that turns a female from an attraction into a distraction;
[17] a legal custom which turns a man into the captive audience of his wife;
[18] that ceremony which makes more strange bedfellows than politics;
[19] a rite where two people, under the influence most violent, most insane, most delusive, and most transient of passions, are required to swear that they will remain in that excited, abnormal and exhausting condition until death do them part;
[20] occurs where a man gets hooked by his own line;
[21] in America, is the only legal method of suppressing freedom of speech;
[22] is made out of two toothbrushes but a single tube of toothpaste;
[23] is just a three-ring circus: engagement, wedding, and suffer;
[24] the process of finding out the kind of guy your wife would have preferred;
[25] a condition where no wife gets what she expected, and no husband expected what he was getting;
[26] the ceremony which provides a man with something that, sooner or later, he will find he can't blame on the government;
[27] a tradition which would suffer considerably if men had to pay the minister the same fee they will eventually have to pay the divorce lawyer;
[28] is much like a pair of shears, so joined so the parts cannot be separated, often moving in opposite directions, yet always punishing anyone who tries to come between them;
[29] the continuous process of getting used to things you never expected;
[30] a status which depends upon two to be successful but only one to turn into a failure;
[31] is a book in which the first chapter is written in poetry and the rest of the pages is prose;
[32] a bargain, and a sensible person understands that someone must get the better of any bargain;
[33] in Japanese is called "Judo" - the art of conquering by yielding. This is the western equivalent of "Yes, dear";
[34] a confrontation which always demands the greatest understanding of the subtle art of insincerity possible between two human beings;
[35] is not a word, but a sentence;
[36] a delightful form of combat where you get to sleep with the enemy;
[37] an investment that pays big dividends if you manage to keep up the interest.

I feel really embarrassed and almost sick to my stomach. I met this guy online(Myspace) about 4 years ago when my current BF and I were having problems. I guess I did it out of anger since my BF had been calling chat lines at the time and I was feeling neglected. Anyways, my BF and I are still together, 8years now, and have moved past his issues and for the most part , have a great friendship. My only problem now is that this guy, who I met online 4years ago, starting texting me recently. He is super Hot and sexy, and I'm really attracted to him in a very naughty way. I basically just want to have fun with him at least once. I have seen his myspace and he dates really hot women. I'd have to say I'm attractive and sexy and have no problems meeting men, however I'm not the Barbi, stripper type girls hes used to dating, or may I say sleeping with. He is also 9 years younger than me. Anyways, the other day we got in this texting phone sexathon, sending pictures and videos back and forth. I sent more than him because he kept telling me how hot I was and he was really turned on by me. I was also really turned on by him and part of me was really enjoying it. I guess my freaky side has been repressed in my relationship due to the issues my BF had the first few years of dating(Long Story) and this guy seems to bring it out in me..
Anyways, the only problem now is that after I sent him the last video yesterday doing something I probability shouldn't have and he sent me a pic of him in the shower doing something that I shouldn't say on Yahoo, he just stopped responding. I sent him 3 text after that and literally he just dropped off the face of the earth. All day I was having fun and really turned on by him, but after all that hot and heaviness the fact that he just stopped texting me is making me feel sick. I said )well goodnight then) and still got no response. I figured maybe he feel asleep since he was working all night and was texting with me most of the next day. I'm sure he was exhausted. Well I texted him the next day(Today) giving him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he feel asleep. I mean I know men do fall asleep quit quickly afterward.. Ha Ha and said what happened to you last night and still no response. And this guy is always on his phone. He prob sleeps with it. So I texted him, (I see) just to see if he had his phone with him. I figured it would maybe make him respond. Well it did and he finally texted me back saying Calm Down, I feel asleep last night, probably after he did you know what,and he would text me later. I was kind of taken back at his rudeness.I just responded with (Ok bye). Now I feel like a dumb ass for sending him all him all those pics because it would seem to me that he was trying to give me a hint that he was over it all ready. He acted like this in the past and would reject me, and then I would just forget about him, or try to, and then I would get a text. In the past I just brushed it off, but this time is different since I have never sent him so many videos and naughty pics before. He is pretty Cocky and can be a real a...hole. and the scary part is it turns me on. I feel sick to my stomach and guilty that I even did that with someone I have never officially met. In a way I'm relieved because I was tempted to fly out for a day and see him just to sleep with him(Yes that's how strong my attraction is to him) Yikes!! So I'm happy in a way because I really don't want to cheat on my BF but Sad because I really wanted to meet him and now I feel insecure, maybe he thinks I'm ugly, or didn't like my voice, you know all of the things you feel when someone rejects you. . Anyways, any suggestions on how to get over this guy or fantasy? I can't get him off my mind.. Help!!.
I have never cheated on any of my BFs ever but sad to say, have been cheated on by all, even the one I'm with now during the first few years. We have worked on the issues but after 8 years, the kinky sex dies out. And we all know this happens. I guess I'm tired of always being a good girl.....

Now I've heard heaps of those stupid Christian questions! But here there I two I will answer.

1# If people evolved from apes, why are there still apes today?


2# If we evolved, why aren't we still evolving?

Answers, see this is the part where I destroy those two questions, its so fun!

1# There are still apes today because not all apes evolved into humans, just one of the subspecies. There wasn't just one type of ape at one time, research, and archaeology has shown that in just one area there were up to 6 different types of Ape, and only one eventually evolved into humans.

2# We mightn't be evolving now because we don't need to adapt to the climate. Now we have clothes, and houses for shelter, we don't need to adapt or evolve any further. Our food sources aren't easily exhausted, and since we developed farming, we have a sustainable food source, and we don't have to chase around after migrating animals.
Also, who says we aren't still evolving? Evolution takes millions of years! Maybe in one million years we'll be different. No one knows because it hasn't been long enough for us to evolve any further. Maybe if climate change is real, and the earth changes we will need to evolve further to adapt, but that isn't the case right now.

Anyone got any questions, or anyone disagree? Please don't cite the Bible! It is a self authenticating document which was constructed around the 3rd or 4th century AD, and has no scientific backing.
I believe Jesus existed but I don't think he was the divine son of God!

By the way, I mean that the Bible as it appears today and how it has appeared for the past 1500 years or so. It was changed and mistranslated, and chopped up, reusing bits of history including natural disasters to construct what they now say is Canon.

The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah has been proven false. That is in the sense as it appears in the Bible. What actually happened was that there was an earthquake and a landslide.
I feel so disappointed in today's society and culture. To think so many of today's people have been fed this garbage...I am ashamed to be a part of this culture. But still there are those educated few who realise I am right!

By the way! The common ancestor of Apes and Humans was an ape!!! Or at least something like that which can still be classified as an ape! so pleaaaahahahahaah!! and you did cite the bible, the phrase: how do you like them apples actually stems from the fact that Adam and Eve were enticed into eating the apparent fruit which got them kicked out of the Eden! which was supposedly very good!
Actually the Jehovah witnesses who come around trying to convert people have a section in all of their pamphlets which asks those exact questions!

Okay, so I started feeling sick Saturday morning ( it is now Monday). I woke up with a really bad sore throat, and super tired. Like I could barely keep my eyes open!

My friend was having a party and I didn't want to miss it so I went there, and was like falling asleep here and there (lol) and a lot of times I would have really strong urges to cough but I didn't want anyone know that I was feeling sick.

That night I started losing my voice, it wasn't bad how ever. It just sounded hoarse.

Sunday morning, I woke up and had to cough a lot. But I held it. My voice got worse ( I hadn't been coughing though so what was up with that?)

Last night (sunday) I went to bed at 9 p.m.! I was exhausted! During the night, I would wake up with snot running down my face (eww, I know) and I would go to the bathroom and wash up. I didn't start getting a runny nose 'til last night, and I wasn't coughing that much.

So it was early morning, and I was still getting up every 5 to 10 minutes to clean my face. Then at 6 a.m. my moms boyfriend started getting up ready for work, and I started getting ready for school. I went to the bathroom and my eyes were all red and watery (could have been lack of sleep though, thanks to my runny nose!)

I was coughing a lot and I layed back down to bed. When my moms boyfriend left (6:20 a.m.) she came into my room to wake me up. (then got mad at me with the pieces of toilet paper and kleenex all over my floor haha)

She layed down with me and I started talking normally to her. And my voice was HORRIBLE!!! Like it sounded like I was whispering, and I would get cut off. I can't say words that start with an R or like the name "Marley" it sounds like -ley. I can't stay the 'mar' part.

My head hurts like crap, and so does my chest. It hurts even when i'm not talking. It hurts especially when I breathe in and out or talk.

I went back to bed (my mom left around 9:30, she came into my room and woke me up to tell me she was leaving for a doctors appointment) so I fell back asleep and woke up at 12:00 p.m.! Which is pretty late for me, and I'm still tired! My eyes don't want to stay open and my voice is getting worse. My throat doesn't really hurt or anything though.

I didn't have sex, but he ejaculated right by my vagina the week before my period was supposed to come. My period was one week late, for three weeks (starting the day after the ejaculation) I had nausea and pain in my stomach, although it's been better the last few days. The stomach pain was all over- not just lower or upper, and not quite cramps. Sometimes it almost felt like heartburn. Like I said, it feels better now for the most part. My face has broken out more than normal. I only had one day of bad lower back cramps. I feel slightly bloated. I'm tired all the time- exhausted, really. I don't think I'm pregnant because my period did come (just 1 week late), but I'm not sure what to think any more. Oh, and for a day or two I had vaginal soreness/slight pain when touched.

i am looking for performance parts for my polo i don't mean tacky rubbish out of halfords and motorworld i mean like
inlet manifolds,
exhaust systems,
suspension kits

because i typed them in many search engine and all they comes up with is webs site with cheesy chrome gear knobs which is not what im looking for

okay, so i have been very, very depressed lately and i have no idea why. my life is going great, i have no bills, relatively no debt (well, none out of the norm...), good friends i associate with regularly, close family; overall i would say i am very stress-free.

however lately, for about the past month or so, i have had a lot of difficulty sleeping. my body is completely shot, completely exhausted, but i can't fall asleep - and when i do, it's for maybe two or three hours. i walk around feeling like a drone; everything is a blur, and i am constantly depressed (i've suffered through a few suicides in the [immediate] family, so long story short i know what depression is - not the whole 'my girlfriend broke up with me' variety...), however not even that compares to what i am feeling now.

i have no idea why this is going on. it's like one day i am completely fine and the next this starts. i have taken sleeping medications such as nyquil or tylenol pm, and sure it helps me sleep, but i wake up feeling the same way. i feel as though i am really starting to suffer now both mentally and physically, and may become a hazard to myself - not intentionally (ie: suicide attempts, etc), but indirectly and unintentionally.

i have lately lost care for everything i once DID care about, and the worst part is this doesn't bother me. am i going through some kind of subconcious trauma?

just to get past all of the "you need to see a doctor" comments, i realize this, i just can't entirely afford to spend money at the hospital, running tests, but if that's what it comes down to then so be it. i just figured maybe there was someone out there who's gone through the same thing and may be able to enlighten me.

thanks in advance.


1975 Plymouth Duster 5.9 360 4bbl

Recently, this car has had a head gasket replacement about 4 weeks ago. She ran fine and everything (high revs, small drives). Until tonight where I started her the first time today she started leaking antifreeze through the exhaust manifolds right away! Antifreeze kept spewing out of the manifold to the exhaust clamp. *(no leaks from the manifold to the block).

I thought the head gasket blew again or a cracked head. Well, there is no water in the oil, the oil is fine. The temp is normal.

Started her again about 10 mins later, NO LEAKS! Nothing! No white smoke from the exhaust and she ran fine. I only let her stay at idle for 2 min.

WHAT IN THE HELL HAPPENED? I am so confused.
Remember, she was a cold block and first time started it, it was leaking. So it doesn't need to warm up if she cracked or blew a gasket running cold.

i bought my son a 2004 yamaha pw50 for his christmas and it will be his first bike, Only problem is it is missing the throttle restrictor screw ! does anyone know the part number for this part ? and i also hear the bike can be resticted near the exhaust ? but id much rather have the screw if anyone can help ? also anywhere in the uk where i can get pw50 fairings ? thanx again

Well the reason I wanted to post this is because I've been to a psychologist simply because I needed someone to talk to. I visited her twice, but yet I still felt like I wasn't making any connection. I long to make some connection with another human, but when I spoke with my psychologist. It was just me transmitting and channeling my emotions for her to pick up and analyze. So I stop going after two visits because I convinced myself If I really want to make some real connection and improve my social skills out in the real world. Then, I'll have to manage and practice in the real world. Not in a cold environment where I'm expected to do much of the talking. Now, I don't know what's going in my mind. But sometimes I feel trap in a well of my own thoughts. I hung out with some friends tonight, and I really wanted to have a good time. But I was a bit exhausted since I just got out of work and it was a little late. Yet, I think that I avoid people to some degree. Because I find that much of what's in my mind at the moment doesn't interest them. I'm probably a loner by nature, but I hate this life sometimes. I need to come up with ways to make my situation better. Maybe I just come here for someone to hopefully understand...I don't even have any solid relationship with my family either. I avoid them too. Idk why. And it's the worst part of me that sucking off what should be the best years of my life.

Every time I have sex with my husband, I have these really long lasting orgasms that leave me incredibly tired afterward even after just one. They last on average 1-2 minutes. The worst part is that I usually have more than one every time which leaves me so exhausted that I can hardly move. Is it normal for them to last so long? How can I keep from getting tired after orgasms?

Ok so here’s my question. I’m freaking out a little bit.
I had my last period on September 28. I’m on the pill but I had unprotected sex on the 5th of October and again on the 14th. I accidentally skipped a pill on the 3rd because I was sick and throwing up and I skipped another one on the 8th but doubled up a day later.
I’ve only had spotting in between periods when I first started which was about 8 years ago.
Yet around the 10th I had only a bit of a brown blood stain and thought my period had started, but that was not the case. Yet then again just two days ago I had pinkish discharge and yesterday another brown stain. Since being on the pill for over a year my periods are very regular and come every 28 days and last 3 days. I’ve never had spotting in between like this.
I’ve also been extremely fatigued for the past week and a half. I’ve been going to bed around 9 or 10 pm only to wake up around 12 PM the next day still extremely exhausted.
My breasts are extremely tender right now and I’m aware this could all just be part of PMS but I’ve never experienced any of this like this before. I took two pregnancy tests which both came out negative about a week ago.
Is it possible I’m pregnant and should I wait about a week more before retesting?

How does wind originate and how far can it travel before it is exhausted?
I know heat and cold can play a part of it energy source what else adds or takes from it?

I have a bad relationship with my dad. Most of his mind games I can take but lately he's been on my back non stop for the last week. I can't really take it anymore. always trying to pick a fight with me always trying to blame stuff on me all of it. As a result I've only been eating something at lunch and maybe something small around six o'clock. I've been smoking a lot lately [about a pack a day]. I still do my morning walks with my dog then a run and pull up/push ups. I don't really get tired but I feel like and want to keep going but I just feel exhausted and out of breath then if I just keep going i just get more out of breath and exhausted. I loaded a water heater, refrigerator and some other stuff on my truck to junk it by myself I can lift heavier stuff my little brother is about 85 or so pounds and I can hold him by his feet with one hand. but that fridge was like 60 or so pounds and just walking it I got tired. I just can't really take my dad's game and he was pushing me earlier trying to get me to hit him back. I think instead of just waiting around 8 months to join the US Army I might just go to France and try and get into the French Foreign Legion. I already did the math, if I sell my truck and my guns I'll have enough for a one way ticket and a few nights in a run down hotel. not being accepted won't be an option for me. There's just a part of me that wants to leave but another part that wants to stay. anymore I just don't know what I want to do.

While trying to extract a bolt that's broken flush out of the head, I got an easy out stuck inside. It is also broken off flush.
It's a 1971 f250 if that makes any difference... I have no idea how to go about getting any of it out now.
Thanks for any help!

hi i brought my vectra (petrol 1.8 16v) in july and i love it. i knew it had problems when i brought it and thats how i got it cause it was cheap. the thing is now i have the advisory for mot and not sure if it is worth putting it through, she is now on 139,345 miles and last mot was 132,079 so put a few on. heres the advisory :::

Advisory Notice issued
Front Brake disc(s) slightly worn (3.5.1h)
Rear Brake pad(s) wearing thin (3.5.1f)
Nearside Rear Brake pipe slightly corroded (3.6.B.2c)
Centre Exhaust has part of the system slightly deteriorated (7.1.1a)
Rear Exhaust has part of the system slightly deteriorated (7.1.1a)
Manifold Exhaust has a minor leak of exhaust gases (7.1.2a)
Nearside Front Upper Anti-roll bar linkage has slight play in a ball joint (2.4.G.3)
Oil leak
O/S/F and N/S/F anti-rollbar upper gaiters split
O/S/F indicator lense missing - not showing white light
Surface corrosion to underbody panels - may require further attention
Accident damage to n/s/r sill and door

the oil leak is not yet major as it is not actually leaking on to the road not too sure where it is though. the accident damage to the door and sill is going to be replaced by new. also was planning on getting a new exhaust (full system) anyway. i would just like a rough idea of wether i should bother moting or scrapping
my beloved vixie lol.

thanks x

I probably have numerous grammatical errors, so if you come by any, could you could please point them out.
Also, If you have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated!

The sun beat blisteringly hot on my face as I stepped off the bus in Leona Vicario, Mexico: my home for the next seven days. For once I was a part of the minority; a curiosity to the citizens. Though slightly overwhelmed, and certainly out of my element, I was soon able to communicate with and befriend numerous locals using my rudimentary Spanish and various hand gestures. The citizens were more then eager to introduce me to their culture and everyday life, from the authentic food I ate to the hours of manual labor under the ruthless Mexico sun.
For one exhausting week, my eyes were opened to a completely different lifestyle, where labor was more prized then possessions, and pride came not from the education or wealth one had, but from simply being a citizen of Mexico. The sheer bliss from such a simplistic life seemed completely opposite to the attitudes of how the people in my community were raised. Coming home from Mexico, I gained a new understanding and appreciation towards people who live life differently.
Being a part of the large, diverse student body of the University of _______ calls for a need to be open-minded and respectful. With past experiences in different locations and cultures, I would be able to value all practices and lifestyles of the students; thus, allowing chance for personal character growth. On a grander scale, my acceptance towards the diversity of my peers would project a positive effect on those I encounter, and grant me the opportunity to assume the position of a role model.

I hit a deer about 2 weeks ago. The radiator is dead, and my power steering is gone. Who should I sell it to and for how much. It has a lot of new parts, but really isnt driveable because of the bent in front end. I am looking to get about 500 for it, and was wondering if that was a reasonable amount to ask for??? The engine is good, and it recently got a new starter, brakes, and exhaust system. Thanks a lot...
Where do I take it to? if I were to do a google search of places to sell it to, what would i type???
At the time it didnt make sense for me to get collision, because I paid 1800 for the car, and would have been paying that amount every 2 years or so for it..

Upon the stairway of despair,
Complete with broken love affairs
And promises that never came,
But faded with a touch of shame,
A pretty girl with golden hair
And innocence so sadly rare,
Strove to keep her head above
A way of life devoid of love.

Feeling pinned against Life's wall,
She chanced upon a robot tall
And said, "Please come and share with me
Whatever Fate has deemed to be.
I'm through with love, done with chances
Spirit crushed by past romances,
Just be a friend in word and deed.
That's all that I shall ever need."

"There's not too much from me to learn,"
Remarked the robot, in return.
"Emotions do not form a part
of my cold, solid-steel heart.
Whatever maker fashioned me
Did not permit my circuitry
Responsiveness to love or pain -
You're thoughts for me would be in vain."

"No matter", spoke the maid. "No more
Do I wish passion to explore.
Be someone I can come home to
When my exhausting day is through.
Count yourself a well-worn shoe -
A friend that I can slip into . . .
Protection from a stone cold floor . . .
For this I ask and nothing more."

Agreement made, he took her hand
And lived the life that she had planned,
Always willing, not demanding,
Aiding her with understanding
He made her smile with humorous wit
(As his restrictions would permit)
And, bit by bit, she came to feel
That he was more than iron and steel.

"I love you, robot", she at last
Replied when several months had passed.
"You're strength and quiet dignity
Have brought a wondrous change in me.
No more do I feel all alone,
And pray you must be flesh and bone.
Deep-set emotions you MUST feel
Within that outer coat of steel!"

"If I were able, I would say
I'm sorry I was made this way
But my design and programmation
Does not provide for that creation
Of feelings normal men may feel
That were not born of iron and steel.
I told you all this once before.
You have no right expecting more."

"Go, then!" cried she. "I will not live
Beside a fiend who cannot give!
Though I be battered by misuse,
Misguided trust and strong abuse,
At least the men I chose were real
And had the power to love and feel.
Of all the lovers I recall,
You are the cruelest one of all!"

The robot, indestructible,
Continues freely and at will.
Emotionless, apparently,
But, bearing closer scrutiny,
One can see a small tear streak
Down that cold, metallic cheek
No. An amusing thaought, but i'm still a freshman in high school ^_^

Ok, I am not soo much addicted to the net, but you know, I want solutions for this..

I sit on the computer to work and I just casually feel like "Oh, I'll just check the mail and get back..." there's facebook too.. then the chain continues, I dont even remember how much time passes in between... then if someone's online they begin to chat... time passes and I feel really tired and exhausted, I get back to work with what left's of me, and guess what? I can work for just two hours or so...
Yesterday I sucesfully unplugged the cable, but the other day remembered a game where your players die of you don't attend to them in the given time... :(
I am thinking of cutting the wire so that I don't get back... but I need the internet to upload stuff too o_O

It's like two parts of me are fighting fr it LOL

So this has been the cycle for last half month, it's enough now, some useful suggestions please!
Thanks Y'all

I'm thinking of buying my first tuner car and I'm debating whether to get the srt-4 or wrx. I know that the wrx sti is better then the wrx but i can't afford an sti at the moment. Which car is better in performance and has better after market parts? these are the ones i found in my area

2004 Subaru Impreza WRX wagon body with 60k miles on it for $13,495

2004 Dodge Neon SRT4 with these extras Mopar 3" Catback Exhaust, AEM Guages: Tru-Boost Controller, Air-to-Fuel Ratio,Voltage. Ceterline Wheels, Yokohama tires w/less than 10K mi.,Turbo timer, New brakes and calipers, Viper Racing Seats, Ipod/Itrip plug, with 64k miles on it for $9,900
for the answers below does it matter that its not the STI

does anyone have any real and current-CORRECT info on the latest Unemployment bill passage

I live in SC with my wife (11.5%) UI and we are both slowly regaining employment (very part time) for both, benefits have been exhausted a month since... can we qualify for this *new* bill passage/when it is supposed to go into effect.

Our "lawmakers" both state ( Sanford) and nationally do not care because they get fat, bloated salaries through our tax dollars... we HAVE to pay taxes, they don't HAVE to take bloated salaries from the pot, but hey,,, who's accountable anymore, right?

ok so this is the first chapter of my story and yes i know that i probably made some spelling mistakes and i no i need to put paragraphs, i really need to no if i need improvements be critical i don't care but just tell me if i need any thing done! oh and sorry its so long!

The plane ride was long and exhausting. Not to Minchin the bile trying to escape from my throat when I looked out the plane window, I hated heights. This summer my mom was shipping me off to Montana to visit my aunt and uncle. She made me go so I won’t have a “boring” summer, like they would even know the definition of the word “exciting” or “fun”. My uncle worked as a janitor in and old folk’s home in Bartlesville while my aunt worked as a dish washer at a school for extraordinarily intelligent 5th and 6th graders. I shrank down in my seat and toyed with my curly chocolate brown hair, twisting my head to the opposite side of the plane. My eyes fell over to a teenage boy who seemed to be in a deep sleep. He looked about the same age as me, 16. His features were quite stunning. He wore a plain white tea-shirt with an un familiar logo and denim jeans which stretched to the seat in front of him, classifying him as tall. He had dark almost black hair that reached about two inches below his ear which swooped to one side. The shape of his face fascinated me, it wasn’t square but not really round more like, “Perfect”, failure to realize I had said that out loud, apparently someone heard me from behind. “He is pretty cute, huh?” I twisted my head to the next row behind me. A girl who looked about 15 years old stared at me with a wide grin pasted on her pixie face. Her hair was pale blonde which parted in the center of her forehead and was wavy and long, her icy blue eyes stared back at me with humor. “Well he is”, she stated. The girl next to her fast asleep had “weirdo” written in black marker across her forehead. Black wavy shoulder length hair swept out of her face, earphones in her ears. She caught my eyes and explained. “She put fake cockroaches in my bed”. I smiled at her and chuckled under my breath. She held out a hand and introduced herself, “I’m Violet by the way”. “Nevaeh”, I told her shyly and returned the handshake. “So, she motioned her head back toward the inmate next to me, “You have a crush on him?” she asked with sureness in a husky voice. “Um… no?” I lied questionably. She nodded understandably and calmly parted her lips and pasted a sly grin on her face. “Alright, alright don’t tell me anything but you know it’s true!” she sang in a high pitched voice. I gave her an odd look and twirled my body back to my seat. She said nothing after that. Wanting to listen to some music I stood fully up and walked into the aisle. Grabbing my CD player from my backpack in the overhead I made my way back to the window seat, trying carefully not to trip over the stretched out legs in the middle of the aisle. Failure.
My foot caught a hold of the other guy’s leg and I tripped falling onto the carpet with a thud. A sharp pain jabbed intensely on my flesh and a trickle ran down my cheek. I touched it. Blood. Looking down I realized there was a needle resting on the carpet in a slanted upward position. Someone touched my hand and helped me up. It was the boy next to me, now fully awake and rushing me to the plane bathroom. He spoke. “I’m so sorry I tripped you!” he cried loudly. Not finding my voice I stared up, fascinated with his eyes. They were a light shade of emerald green which stared down at me with panic. I shook my head. You’re acting like a drooling idiot! I screamed at myself. Say something! I found my voice and introduced myself. “I’m, um, Nevaeh”. He sighed with relief.
“Oh good, I thought you were def or something! I’m Noah by the way, listen I’m really sorry I tripped you!”
I rolled my eyes. “Oh please, I could trip over air!”
He laughed at that and pulled a handkerchief from his pocket, dampened it and handed it to me. I examined my cut. It wasn’t that deep but there was a hole on my forehead. At least the blood stopped I murmured to myself.
“So your alright?”, he asked again.
I smiled at him. “Completely”.
We trudged out. Violet smirked at me and raised her eyebrows. I blushed slightly failing to ignore her.
We talked away halfway through the ride and didn’t stop until he ran out of questions to ask me. My answers were long and with detail, I liked it that way. He asked me about my parents and why my mom was shipping me off to my monotonous aunt and uncle.
“My mom went through a divorce and she doesn’t really want anyone to bug her so she sent me off to my aunt and uncles house”.
“What about your two older brothers and sister?”
“Both of my brothers are in the army and my sister’s 19, she moved out a year ago so it’s just me and my mom. It’s not that she doesn’t want me she just wants to be alone this summer. I hope she gets a date soon.”
He reassured me that she would and he patted my hand. I wasn’t exactly sad
or anything, but it felt good. Pretty soon he fell back asleep and so did I. I curled up a ball and let myself fall into a dreamless slumber.

I thought I had both mortgages through Indymac bank that's who I pay. I have been out of a job since 6/08 and had my first mortgage modified (lowered interest from 6.5 to 4.25%). I wanted to see if they would lower the interest on the 2nd mortgage since that % is at 9 and I am really struggling to pay that one. Cutting the interest in half would help me tremendously. I am not looking to extend the loan just lower the %. I was told that I could not that the investor doesn't modify loans. I told them that it was them (Indymac) & they said it wasn't. It was a big to do that they couldn't "tell" me who was the investor that I had to send in a letter. I finally get the response & the letter basically says that my loan is part of a pooled private securitization they service & that are frequently traded & could be owned by a private investor or several investors.

How do I go about getting the interest lowered? Who are these people? Anything I can do about reducing this loan? I know a lot of banks are helping families with hardships. I am not looking for a handout, just want to reduce my interest rate like so many other people have been able to. I can not refinance because I bought my house at top dollar & the house does not appraise for that amount. The only way that I got help the first time was to default on the loan, should I default on the second & see if these "investors" contact me? I explained the situation to Indymac & they told me I could do a short sale which sounds crazy since they would be losing money (and I pay my first loan without a problem) & if they would only lower my interest rate I could make the payment without a problem since it would be about half the amount.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. If you are going to tell me to work in Mcdonalds or something like that please don't respond. I have 2 children under the age of 4 and with the price of daycare and working at Mcdonalds I wouldn't be able to afford the daycare. I live in NY and there aren't many jobs. I worked for over 16 years at a company that one day we went in & said "today is your last day we are closing our doors" this was without warning. All of my savings for an emergency has been exhausted at this point. I don't want to lose my home, I just want to reduce my interest rate. I have even heard of some people having their second mortgages excused. I just want my interest rate lowered. I realize I borrowed this money & owe it back to them.

My Husband is 38 and I have noticed a pattern with his moods. He can be fine for about two weeks to a month. Then he has what seem to be an episode that can last the same amount of time. During these episodes he starts out with calling me names out of the blue and with in a day or two he is agitated and constantly mad at everyone in the house. The kids included. He also shows signs of depression after about two days. He wants to not help with our two youngest children or even go to the store. I leave him alone about not helping because it has become a pattern of yelling if I ask for his help and the kids don't want his help when he is acting like this. His behavior final goes to a point where he is argumentative and yelling constant. All I can do is stay out of his way as much as possible, but even that will not keep him from looking for me to yell at. My husband smokes, but he doesn't drink or do any drugs. He drinks about a pot of coffee a day. He also takes tylenol often for head pain offten. I have notice during these episodes he seems to take tylenol more. some times about four times in a day. He also seems to have trouble breathing at night and says our room is to stuffy going to the sofa for a few hours to clear it. He also eats like he is depressed. He will eat a whole bag or two of chips in one night and countless other junk food despite me cooking a full meal.
What I want to know is if my husband is Bipolar, going thru his midlife crises or just an ass who want to show he is sometimes. I raely yell at him I mostly keep my complaints to myself or talk to him about problems in a normal calm way. He says it is me making him act like this. I have changed countless things that he said I do that bother him, but none of those changes fixed his mood going up and down.
I have tried to talk to him about his behavior and maybe see a doctor to make sure it isn't something serious. I have told him that plenty of normal people has mood problems and that it doesn't make him nuts if he does. A doctor could tell him if it is a health problem or a mental disorder. Either one can be helped. He refuses to go and says there is nothing wrong with him. I have watched him over the years and done countless things to make him happier, but none work. I know his patterns when it comes to his mood changes. Sometimes I feel it is unbearable to deal with another two weeks to a month of him yelling at every little thing that happens in life. He yells if I can't get a bottle or a diaper in a minute flat. We have six children and I can not be everywhere at once. I try to get everyone need met as soon as I can including my husbands , but there is only one of me. I can only do it as soon as I can not any faster. When I am at home alone I manage without feeling over loaded for the most part, but when he is having his mood and at home it seems that I am pressured to do more then is humanly possible. I really want the calm man to be around for the most part. I am exhausted of the constant roller coaster of normal then screaming. It effects the kids lives to a point where our oldest daughter who is 9 will say daddy is having an episode again. I will help you mommy, but I would rather go to my room and read if you want me to help daddy. I normally tell her to go to her room and I will deal with it. I feel like I need to protect all our children from him when he is like this. Not because he would hurt them, but because I don't think it is right for him to yell at them for just being.
I know none of you can really tell me what is wrong with him. Only a doctor can do that. what I would like to know is what you think the problem is and how I can deal with his behavior. He is my husband and I am unwilling to leave him when I made the promise to be with him for the rest of my life so that answer will not help. He also won't go to the doctor to get help so any thing that might explain his mood swings and how to better deal with the situation would be help full. thank you.
In response to many questions about the siduation. He works inspecting houses. It is not what he went to college for. He went for finace, but we live in a small town that does not have many jobs for him. He gets lots of exersize and isn't over weight. Due to the small town and me being from Thailand I have no support here in the US to have communiy support. His family is here though. What would be a good question is how do you get a man to go to te doctor that refuses to go? I really want him to be happy with life and for the family to be happy also.

I want to Purchase another vehicle to modify. I have 4000 saved up. I've looked at some cars online, and am thinking about getting a Honda CRX Si to rebuild. But I'm waiting for a fresh rust free one to come my way to avoid spending money on just "cosmetics".
I'm mostly thinking about just modifying a car to be a sleeper. I currently just drive an '89 Civic 4 Door. its the balls with only 30k on it. But its already slow. And its an auto. Its rust free besides rear panel. if any one interested. ha ha.
But I'm interested in also looking outside of Honda.
Im currently saving up for a Nissan Skyline. But wow. That's a heavy price.
So whats within my 4000 dollar budget, that I should take a look at?

I won't be doing any Visual mods, other than maybe some cheap Enkie rims or something. and exhaust. but otherwise, will be strict interior and under the hood. Also going in are Some subs. If the car you mention has room for some stealth subs, that's a bonus. I'll be pickin best answer too.

I have a 2006 vw jetta gli it has about 82,000 miles on it. There is a rattle coming from the exhaust. My dad thinks it may be a faulty hanger but i had my driveshaft checked because it was part of the was back to me within 30 minutes. I was wondering if the rattle could have anything to do with the driveshaft? Or if anyone was having this problem...its a really annoying noise and i hate hearing it. I didn't want to take it in just yet because to look at it is 100 dollars so anyone with the same problem?


for about 6 years (since 8th grade), I have had severe head pressure only right when going to sleep..

I lay down every night to sleep (at the same time) and it is only in certain areas and it only is like on a vein.. It's not my sinuses because its not near the sinus areas.. and if i lay on my right side the pressure is strong on my left side (vein) of my head and vice versa...

It's gotten really bad to the point where it takes me 60 min to finally fall asleep (even when I'm exhausted)..

I do have a bump on the upper back part of my head (very small, but my doctor said the bump could have been from where i cracked my scull in the past or from birth..)

I dont know what to do because I've gotten an MRI on my brain before and nothing showed up.. and it's really bad,

I also get dizzy and feel wierd (head-wise) a lot.

Starting in 8th grade I also have often felt like my head is swaying when I'm sitting in class..

Any doctors or knowledgeable people have any advice?

THank you a lot!! I'm going to book an appointment tomorrow because it's taken me 3:30 to fall asleep tonight and I cant!


If he hasn't touch me "down there" after 12 dates/4 months should I run away ? Red Flag ?
I have been friends long distance with a guy for 2 plus years.
during that time i had a boyfriend and then he a gf so we couldnt date.
finally this year we were both single.
he lives 3 hours away.
I am moving to his city for a new job and to be closer to friends in december.
we've gone on 12 dates since Memorial Day.
he is 36 and im 30
i used to model and try to stay in good shape and stay um clean and neat 'down there'
we seem to kiss well and he flirt with me in little ways
on the 7th date i slept over and finally gave him oral.
he said he was surprised i would do and that and be good at it since i seem so old fashioned.

since then ive done it twice more.
but he hasnt touched me there

finally i have brought it up in a lighthearted manner for the last 3 dates.
1 st time he replied he was protecting my chastity. (huh ? i already gave him oral lol)
2nd time he blamed being exhausted from drinking
3rd time (two days ago) we had spent the whole weekend together, eating, going out to clubs drinking, watching football and even attended church services. A very intimate together weekend.

he claimed he had too much wine and didnt even ask for oral, instead he kissed me for about 10 minutes in bed, felt my breast and hugged me and fell asleep.

the next more he kissed me again as he was making coffee.

i dont understand him.
does he just have a low sex drive ? is he 'waiting' to touch me when he decides he wants to be exclusive couple ? is he gay ?

very confused and upset.

* 1 hour ago
* - 4 days left to answer.

Additional Details
ive only slept with 3 other guys in my whole life. but guys i have dated have all shown/expressed that they wanted to touch my private parts. i feel like he's a ken doll.
very handsome sexy but not a man.
i dont know, perhaps a madonna /wh0re complex ?

i mean i even found him posting last year on pick up artist sites on how to get girls. so i dont see him being gay. th eonly slightly gay signs are he once told me his married best childhood friend has nine inches and he certainly doesnt. that he once got a calf massage from his friends wife's gay brother who was a masseuse and also he a little preoccupied with staying very in shape with big pecs, having a perfect hair and no wrinkles. he also finds girls with tiny butts skinny legs and little boobs hottest and told me anything over size 10 is huge.

so i dont know if he wants me super skinny or he isnt attracted to me or is insecure or gay

going nuts. please help[ ! :(
and i dont even need to receive oral, im just talking about him touching me or *trying* to touch me there. im sorry but every other man ive been with has been respectful, BUT theyve all finally shown they're men with libidos after 6 or 7 dates!

Ok... so first i had a sines infection around the end of June. I got it wen i had a leaky noise 4 about a week. As i was getting ovr it strange thoughts filled my head and i felt very exhausted. I thought i was getting ovr the infection. About 2 nights later i spent the nite at my grandparents. I woke up that morning and discovered i had started my first period. It was ovr fast but i still felt weird. After an other few days i talked 2 my mom. She told me it was me changing but i told her about my sideffecrts and she Took my to the doctors. At time i wood feel very dizzy and confused. He diagnosed me with mono. and yes the blood check was right i had mono. He also told me about my period being part of it. So day after day i felt miserable until around the end of august. I started feeling well. The mono symptoms were going away. As i went back 2 school i still felt those weird thoughts but i was glade 2 feel Better. 1 day i was laughing really hard wen every thing became slow and bubbleish i made my way 2 the class room. I started freaking out i was so confused. my friend took me down 2 the office 2 call my parents. she called my parents and i went home. My mom took me 2 the doctors again. this time he told me 2 drink more water but besides that its was my mono effects hiting me again. Now its been about 3 weeks but still i feel this way. I understand the emotional stuff cause of my period but why do i still feel weird like im in a bubble and at times ever thing seems cloudy i like ...think every single possible thing trough like wen i will talk wen i will eat...i think think think!!! Like wen i use my 5 senses i feel things carefully, i chew my food and think about it as i weird and hard 2 explain. Also wen im sitting down its not as bad but wen im moving around it crazy. I dont understand this .... is it good or bad? is there something wrong with me? i cant stand it. my biggest questions of all r.... is this the mono finishing up or is it me going through me changes? & Will it go away or is it something i will eventually get used 2? please tell me if u know i really need 2 no the has bugged me 4 a long time...... :(

Hi everyone,

I've recently been involved in an accident where i was struck by a third party in the passengers side of my vehicle, the issue i have now is that my car is declared as a standard 1.6 mk5 astra BUT it has a genuine VXR front and rear bumper complete with side skirts and standard VXR exhaust system, these was already on the car when it was purchased and as there genuine vauxhall/ opel parts i never declared them as modifications when i purchased the vehicle and insurance policy.

Anyone know where i stand on this as I'm not at fault and the 3rd party will be covering the costs of my repair, any help/ advice will be gratefully appreciated.

my mom's house is worth 150,000, we think? she currently has a 24,000. line of credit from the bank that she has exhausted. her monthly income is approx. 600.00 a month. she does get 16.00 (yes only 16.00!) foodstamps per month and medicaid pays her medicare part b. the bank is telling her this is a line of credit but i belive it will affect her benefits. i called the dpw in pa. and cannot get an answer. can anyone help/advise me? thanks, liz